Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year starts Today

Here is some very good advice from a dear Preacher/Evangelist friend of ours...Dr. Phill Kidd

Happy New Year to all!! May God give you a powerful and prosperous new year. Keep walking with God, pursuing your dreams and laugh every chance you get- because you will shed enough tears in your life to make up for it. Stay positive, love much, forgive much, forget the past and focus on the future! Avoid problems, embrace family and live everyday like its your last. Read yor Bible, spend time tal...king to God and tell others of His love. Help the needy, shun the chance to seek revenge and always remember that God knows the truth and He alone holds the records. Make as many memories as you can with grandchildren so that your influence may live on long after you are gone. Work hard, get out of debt and start preparing for retirement AND death. (Just a few listed adjustments I hope all of us are willing to make this new year)...
Today Heaven slept in until after 10:30 a.m., we both went to bed well after 1:00 a.m. this morning but with have to give her the antibiotics every 8 hours...we sorta land on midnight everynight. She seems to be doing good this morning, I am trying to get her to drink a protein and nutrient rich milk but she seems to be stalling for some reason....just a tween thing I guess. lol
1-1-12....Wow, the beginning of a new year...where do we start? Praying everyone has a great one.
Heaven seems to be doing well. She is in good spirits. She really wanted to go to church this morning but with her immune system being so low...we could not afford to risk her going, so she and I stayed home and she is now eating on some pizza rolls and drinking her protein milk. Today is so beautiful...waking up to see my wonderful husband and our beautiful daughters...just makes life worth living.

Is is jsut me or has this kid grown fond of pizza rolls.....sure would love to get a supply for her. lol. Its hard to run to the store every day and buy a bag. lol. She is so funny.....

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