Saturday, January 28, 2012

1-28-12...Day 24 We might get to go home----change of plans

‎1-28-12....Correction from yesterday, we had only been here for 23 days and today is day 24, lol, anyways Heaven did great through the night with only a 100 temp so Dr. Edwards said this mornign that if she keeps doing this good that we might get to go home tomorrow. If so we will get to be there (home) for 9 to 10 days before we have to come back for the next round of chemo treatments. Please fe...rvently pray that we can get her counts up really good and that we can add some weight back on her quickly so that she will have some fall-back for the next round. I have already been informed to pack as though we will be here for a month...
so anyone (family & Friends) who hasn't been sick or around someone that has been sick, you are more than welcome to come and visit. I ask though if you bring Heaven a gift please don't bring fresh flowers or plants and please no sugary sweets or candy.
The reason beings in fresh plants/flowers send off mold spores that would not be good at all for Heaven and sugar filled candies or sweets aren't good either because cancers thrive off of sugars.
Thank you allfor all your prayers and love gifts that you have sent us since all this first took place...I can promise you that all will be used for Gods glory. I'd also like to thank my cousin Sherry who continually checks our blog and keeps my Momma informed of all changes that is taking place, I'd like to thank all my family and friends that call me throughout the day to ask how Heaven and I are doing, I like to thank all of you for your prayers, and may Christ bless each of you in His own way. Right now Heaven is eating a Chicken Pot Pie and is texting on her Ipod. She is tired though becasue she has to walk 3 times a day or more around the Nurses Station for excercise...she would prefer to walk in her own room. lol.
Again...we thank you all for being so loving and gracious and following the leading of your heart. ♥

Well at about 1:30 her fever was 100.7 so looks liek we will be here tomorrow. We will get to go to the house when the Lord want us to. At least I am losing some lbs by eating the salads here, lol

 Had 2 other fevers 4:30p it was 101.3 and then about an hour and a half later it was 101....

But guess what!!!!! God is still good :-)

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