Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Homemade kinda day...

After reading Gods Word and enjoying homemade hot cocoa, homemade bread and homemade strawberry jam, I jumped right into getting things done. Wound up with 11 pints of navy beans, 15 pints of pintos, they look weird in the blue, I also finished up 4 loads of laundry, all floors swept and cleaned, dinner cooked, played the game Trouble with hubby and daughter, showered and now I am totally ready for bed.
Hope you all had a beautiful day as well.

Ooops...missed a day. ;)

This post is for 1-21-2014

Had a great day today as always I start it off by feeding my soul with Gods Word. Nothing like it!
Also today (1-21-14) marks 1 year that Heaven was admitted to Dukes Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Unit...better known as Cell Block 5200. We thanked God for bringing us through this journey and I couldn't ask for anything more than what He has already given us...which is a sevond chance.
So; with that said, today was a busy day. I decided to can up a bean mixture for chili. Yum!!! They smelled so good and looked good to. I canned them in some of the reproductive vintage jars and they look funny; but thats ok. Hubby said he preferred clear jars...oh well.
Anyway, let the dogs out to ryn a bit as snow was on the way, just wasn't sure when it would finally get here. So, canning was done around 2:30 snd then after cleaning up I started to make some homemade bread as I had an order for two loaves, I ended up making 4 instead. Oh it is the yummiest bread I have ever eaten.
The UPS man showed up with a delivery from a friend of ours from PA, yay!!! a box of yarn. It will keep me busy for a little while. LoL.
So we enjoyed our supper as a family while playing trouble and wstching the snow fall. Lovely; again; I could not ask for more.

Many blessing if Christ's abundance be for you and yours. Have a wonderful night.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Whew...its good to be home

Thank You Jesus for a beautiful day.

Started off our day with Gods Word.
Then baked a couple loaves old homemade bread.
Got some laundry washed up.
Went and fed up the dogs good...gonna be cold for the next several nights.
Checked on our honey-bee hives, they seem to loving thus day as well.
Now if we can get this grass thicket cleaned up good, we will work it into a garden for the first time.
Now I need to get my small garden lookin better than what it does.
At least the carrot bed turned out great.
Enjoy the rest of your day as we have enjoyed ours.
Blessings to you all.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Mostly hung around the house today. Hubby has a relative working on his truck. Now we are just trying to stay warm. Blessings to yu all.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Not only were we blessed by God with wonderful bloodwork results...Heaven was also blessed with the fact that she can now eat grapes! And the blessed didn't stop there...after a very long road and 357 days later...we finally get to go home!!! Thank You Jesus!!!
Please continue to pray as we will be going to clinic every couple weeks for labs a check-ups. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support thoughout this journey. We live you all and may the blessings of Christ be upon you throughout 2014.