Friday, June 29, 2012

Beginning of the heat wave

‎6-29-12.....{{{HOT}}} 98* here in Axton and thats in the shade. Hope everyone is staying in where it is cool. Lord, keep the young babies and the elderly people safe from the heat. If you have no reason to go out...stay home.
I went outside around 6 a.m. this morning and covered my tomatoes with a sheet sot he sun wouldn't burn my tomatoes...seems ot be doing good so far. TOnight around 8:30 p.m. I will be taking some water out there to water the plants with. I ma going to try and give them a little water each day int his high heat.
Take care, love you all, rememebr to praise the Lord and again...stay cool. ♥
I am definately keeping hte kids int heouse. I told them that they could go outside after 8 p.m and not a minute sooner. So far Heaven is staying hydrated good with my alarm system going. lol. I love my girls. Thank you Jesus for all 3 of them.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Busy already.....trying to beat the heat & Prayers needed

‎6-28-12.....Busy day already today...not even 8:45 a.m. and I have already pack hubby lunch and water, I have done 2 loads of laundry, fed & watered the dogs, mowed the back yard (which takes me 45 minutes), let the chickens out to eat up all the evil ticks (mawahahaha) and now I am heading to the garden. Hope you all have a wonderful day and remember to thank Christ that He allowed you to wake t...his morning.
Also, pray for Heaven as her BP keeps fluxuating due to the heat and I had to set my alarm for every 2 hours from 9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. so I can remind her to drink a little water to stay hydrated. Lov eyou all and thank you all so much for all your prayers ad encouraging words. may Christ bless you accordingly. ♥

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

work day later

‎6-26-12.....Woke early this morning, as I do every morning. lol. Got 2 loads of laundry done and hung out then Went outside and started weedeating, then I moved some old wood to the burn pile (which is getting bigger by the day), moved some pieces of tin roofing to another area, planted some cucumber seeds (probably to late but we'll find out),trimmed the suckers off our tomato plants, raked up s...ome rubbish, went inside and made a black/raspberry crunch for tonights dessert, went back outside and shaved my dog Suki, and now I am sitting here on facebook wishing I had a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Will be taking Samantha to Volleyball later as well as taking Heaven to the pool. She is still tired but is feeling a little better. I am asking everyone to keep her in your prayers. Praise the Lord for all He has done for our family.
Had a great time at the Y with Sam and Heaven...they both had so much fun. Samantha started out in the pool at first and then at around 7:15 headed inside to play volleyball. Heaven stayed int he pool for 2 hours straight and had a ball with Hailey and then COdy (a friends friend) showed up. Its nice to meet nice new people instead of someone that wants to cuss and fuss all the time. Lord, thank you for my daughters and for what you have helped us to instill in them...Lord I know You will keep Your loving, strong and protective hand upon them. ♥ to all and goodnight because this chic has had a long tiresome day and tomorrow morning is right around the corner. :~)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Blurred Vision/ Blood Drive

‎6-25-12.....This morning didn't start out to good for Heaven. She stood up to quick and her vision went blurry and she feel over on the dog crate and bent the hinge on the door and now she has battle wounds on her arms and back. So after all that she took it easy and then we left to go to the church to the Blood Drive that is taking place today and one of the Flabotomist (Brian) was there that u...sed to work for carilion Roanoke Hospital and as he was getting my info. I had told him about what happened with Heaven and her took her BP.....89/48 [[LOW]] to low for me. So then I proceeded to get in the chair to give blood (where you can give twice) and it wasn't to bad. But Brian had told me that he would check Heavens BP before we left and it was 93/56 [[still to low for me]]. Anyways, I called and left a message for the Dr. at the Clinic and I will wait and see if they call me before noon tomorrow and if not I will call them to make sure they got the message. So praise the Lord Heaven is ok right now and I pray that she continues to do ok. God is so good. And i'd like to give a thank you to everyone that is donating blood today, whether it be at the church or somewhere never know whos life you might be saving. Also, before me and the girls left the blood drive (at 4:05 p.m.) they had already received almost 20 units of blood. Praise the Lord!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Good day today...very productive

‎6-22-12.....Had a great day today, wa sablw to get a lot of work done before it got to hot. Also, was able to take sam and heaven to the library so they could hang out htere for a bit. When we arrived home and got the dogs in, within 10 minutes it was pouring down hows that for good timing. lol. Anyways I was able to catch a quick nap today (which is very unusual for me) and that gave m...e the little bit of energy that I needed to get a few more things done outside. We are getting up early tomorrow as we need to move a row of fencing and get some other things done around the house. heaven is feeling good and is doing well, Praise be to Christ our Saviour. Amen. Goodnight to all and may you all have a wonderful weekend. ♥

Nuff Said.....

Shall I say anything more?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Clinic Visit

‎6-20-12.....Heaven, Samantha and I had a wonderful time last night. We went to the YMCA in Collinsville so Sam could play volleyball she was having so much fun hitting that ball, so Heaven and I went to the pool. She had a great time swimming around and meeting new friends. Afterwards we went to Sonic and bought 2 large milkshakes and a slush for Heaven. She is feeling good. But last night before... we got inot the pool area her nose tried to start bleeding but she caught it in time.
Now we are getting ready to head to Roanoke for her Clinic visit. We are going to leave a little early so we can get the drive done before it gets way to hot. I am gonna ask the Secretary for monrnign appointments from now on. Pray for safe travels for us and may Christ bless you all. Enjoy the day..... ♥

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Good day for some much needed work to be done

‎6-17-12.....Had a great day today, working around the house with the hubby doing alot of "clearing out brish" work. We now have the smaller garden cleared out and ready for more planting for a late crop (small one) and we cleared out some of the fence line and will be clearing out more fence line that will be removed and placed elsewhere. Anyways, during work time we were able to enjoy some home-...made ice cream and then later we had some friends come over and we enoyed their company and had burgers. Afterwards, we lit the fire in the pit and before we knew it the time had passed to 10:37...way past our neightbors bedtime, so they rushed home before Chuck turned into a gremlin. lol. Hope you all had a wonderful evening and I pray that you have a great Lords Day also. ♥ to my Saviour who gave us all a beautiful day today to enjoy.
Also, Heaven is feeling pretty good. Tonight she ate 2 burgers so her appetite is coming back. Also her hair is coming back so pretty and soft. Bless her heart Lord, thank you for keeping your hand upon her through all that she has been through. She has some energy but tomorrow I am going to have her to rest and take it easy, that way she can conserve some of the energy that she does have. She weighed herself the other day and she was at 110 pounds///Praise the Lord!!! I cant wait until she is back at about 125 pounds. One step at  a time. :) Goodnight all

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

God is good

‎6-13-12.....We had a great last few days, the girls had 2 more of their church friends come and stay a few days with them ( Anna & Tally). Those girls are a hoot. Tally constantly laughs all the time and Anna jsut grins. lol. Took all 4 of the girls to Pizza hut today and lo and behold the crayons were flying. lol. You jsut had to be there to understand. haha. Hated to see them go but I know that their Momma was missin' them something Gloria Helms, thanks for letting the girls come down and hang out with Heaven and Sam, they both had a great time with them. Again, Lord, I thank you for the wonderful children you have blessed us with and the friends that they have. ♥

Momcologist Point of View

I'm frustrated. Why are we so invisible? CANCER IS THE #1 DISEASE KILLER OF OUR NATIONS CHILDREN! Just got a big, expensive looking notice via e-mail about Pertussis yesterday. Really? Theres a vaccine for that! Do they think cancer is my childs fate? Do they think we did something wrong, it's our fault? Do they think there is nothing that can be done? DO THEY THINK CHILDHOOD CANCER HAS BEEN CURED...? Do they know how kids die? Do they know how kids are harmed? DO they know about the destructive late-effects and secondary cancers? I hear people worrying about the most random junk---creating drama out of perfect health---and I'm UPSET. Why do we know so little about the 12 random forms of childhood cancer? Why does no one know how kids get cancer? How do we prevent what we don't understand? How do we accept ourselves as a nation leaving so many kids behind? Will anyone ever step up? Who's out there? Celebs? Theres a few good ones. But BIG VOICES? Forego that third home, please? Kids birthday parties on cruises? Donate to childhood cancer research instead. Please. One birthday for the hope of another. Will anyone ever show up? Stand with us, and help shine some light on this suffering? Shouldn't everyone know? Tomorrow ask everyone you know what is the #1 disease killer of kids, and all to many will say something other that cancer. We need allies. We needs voices. We need research. We need for people to show up. WE NEED PEOPLE TO CARE. What will it take? I'm hitting a wall BUT, I'm determined, more than ever, to plow through it. --- From A Momcologists' Point of View

Monday, June 11, 2012

Great Day

‎6-11-12.....So far today heaven has had a great day. No nose bleeds, no tiredness, jsut having fun with her sister and 2 of their friends from church, Anna and Tally. They cam home with Wayne and Samantha last night to spend time and hang out with Heaven adn Sam. They had fun today,,,they sat and gabbed ont he back porch for a while before it became to humid, the they were chasing each other arou...nd the LR and Kit. after preacher was a hoot. Then they put forth an effort to make some bracelets with glass beads, then they tried making paracord bracelets out of a totally different cord (it looked cool) will have to post a pic later (maybe ;)). Now they are relaxing while watching Madagascar. I couldn't ask for a better day for Heaven and Sam than to enjoy it with friends. Just like last week when 3 of their other girl-friends from church stayed a few days with them. Memories of a childhood that will be cherished forever.
Lord, i thank You for the REAL friends in our childrens lives, i pray that they will grow to be an encouragement and an example for each other and to alway serve You.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Heading to VBS at church

‎6-9-12.....Pray for us today. We are all going to VBS at our is going to be held outside and the high for today is 88*. We are going but if Heaven gets to hot or starts feeling "not so good" we are heading back down the road to the house. I am so happy that she feels like going and I hope all goes well. She did have a small nose bleed sometime during the night and I gave her a small lecture this morning of how she needs to wake me up...just in case. Lord, keep us all safe, give us safe travels and bless the preaching, signing and all the fun today and if it be Your will, if there be one there that doesnt' know You, may they come to know You today. ♥
We made it home from VBS at church....we left early. Heaven and Sam had loads of fun,,,mainly with all the water involved. lol. Sorry I tricked you Nathan. hehe. Anyways, after we left we got about 5 miles down the road and suddenly Heaven says form the back seat..."I need a tissue." Sure enough...her nose had started bleeding, but praise the Lord, it didn't last to long...jsut about 5 minutes or so. Again, we thank you all for your continued prayers for Heaven and our family and we daily thank our Saviour Jesus Christ for all His many blessings. ♥

Friday, June 8, 2012

Eventful fews days

‎6-8-12.....Heaven has had a eventful last couple of days. 3 of the kids friends form church (Rebekah, Maya, & Rachel) came to spend a few days as a surprise visit for Heaven. The girls and Samantha conjoured up the idea sometime at church. It has been fun for all of them. Last night we had a bonfire and the neighbors lil' boy Jacob loves Heaven to pieces and they both ran and played for a while a...nd I tried to warn her that she needed to slow down and conserve some energy, well it is 12:56 p.m. and she is still sleeping. I had to take her a bottle of water so she could take her meds. She then informed when I asked that she wasn't hungry yet. I am jsut going to let her rest so that, Lord willing, we both can attend the VBS at church tomorrow..even if jsut for a little while. Lord, thank you for such a strong line of prayer warriors that you have placed within our lives...thank you so much for the good friends that you have placed in our childrens lives and thank you for the good friends you have placed in mine and Waynes lives. ♥ to you all.
I also have been working on a little lap size quilt and I named it "Free Butterfly". It is just to cute.....


Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Heavy Heart Today

‎6-7-12.....My heart is now heavy.....Lord You know why. Thats is all that matters. Lord, I may never get a chance to ask her if she knows You personally, so Lord could You please send someone in my place? She goes home Monday, her outcome isn't looking good at all, Lord I pray You work a miracle in her life...Lord, help her to look to You for her strength to deal with the pain she is going throug...h, help her to see that a merry heart doeth good like medicine, Lord help her counts to come up so that she won't be afraid to take anymore chemo. with her, be with Heaven as she just now was able to talk with her through Skype. Lord, I know this hurts Heavens heart deeply and Lord I pray You help Heaven to be strong for her...for now what she needs is family and friends to show her how much they do care. ♥ you Emili...if you don't know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, ask Him into your heart now so that we all can be together with one another in heaven for all eternity. Yes, it's that simple...all you have to do is ask.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Lab Day again...good news

Getting ready to head to Franklin Memorial to get Heavens labs drawn. WIll update counts when we return. Hope you all have a blessed day.
Praise the Lord!!!! God is so good. I just got off the phone with the RN at the Hem/Onc Clinic and Dr. Edwards is goign to let Heaven go until the next Clinic visit before she gets labs drawn again (June 20th) YaY!!! Thank you Jesus. He also said that if she has any new bleeds like heavy nose bleeds, etc. that we will need to call, but we are going to pray that those do not take place. Amen.
Her counts are as follows.....
Praise God for the big difference in these numbers from last weeks counts.Lord, keep the good counts coming.
Also, today when we left RMFMH, we stopped at Papa Johns to get a pizza, went to the FCRec Park and ate, then Heaven Samantha went to go swing, while I going to get teh camera, Heaven and Samantha went to go swing...i take few pics of them from behind and then a couple fromt he front...then I turn around with my back to them and Heaven decides to take flying lessons out of the swing and landed on the ground with a big thud right beside me. Scared the living poop out of me. Boy did she get a lecture. I love my girls they certainly keep me on my toes at all times.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Spending time with my girls

‎6-1-12.....Had a great day with my daughters. Did a little grocery shopping while it poured down the rain. Also went to Fenders in Collinsville and Heaven had a cheeseburger and fry and Sam and I had a Milkshake and fry. It was delish. I certainly love my girls and I thank God He gave me them. No labs today due to the strom didn't want to take any chances getting caught in it while crossing Turkeycock Mtn. so, we will be getting labs on Monday to see where Heaven stands then. May Christ Jesus bless you all with a wonderful weekend. Love my Saviour Jesus and you all to. ♥