Tuesday, June 26, 2012

work day early...fun later

‎6-26-12.....Woke early this morning, as I do every morning. lol. Got 2 loads of laundry done and hung out then Went outside and started weedeating, then I moved some old wood to the burn pile (which is getting bigger by the day), moved some pieces of tin roofing to another area, planted some cucumber seeds (probably to late but we'll find out),trimmed the suckers off our tomato plants, raked up s...ome rubbish, went inside and made a black/raspberry crunch for tonights dessert, went back outside and shaved my dog Suki, and now I am sitting here on facebook wishing I had a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Will be taking Samantha to Volleyball later as well as taking Heaven to the pool. She is still tired but is feeling a little better. I am asking everyone to keep her in your prayers. Praise the Lord for all He has done for our family.
Had a great time at the Y with Sam and Heaven...they both had so much fun. Samantha started out in the pool at first and then at around 7:15 headed inside to play volleyball. Heaven stayed int he pool for 2 hours straight and had a ball with Hailey and then COdy (a friends friend) showed up. Its nice to meet nice new people instead of someone that wants to cuss and fuss all the time. Lord, thank you for my daughters and for what you have helped us to instill in them...Lord I know You will keep Your loving, strong and protective hand upon them. ♥ to all and goodnight because this chic has had a long tiresome day and tomorrow morning is right around the corner. :~)

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