Wednesday, June 13, 2012

God is good

‎6-13-12.....We had a great last few days, the girls had 2 more of their church friends come and stay a few days with them ( Anna & Tally). Those girls are a hoot. Tally constantly laughs all the time and Anna jsut grins. lol. Took all 4 of the girls to Pizza hut today and lo and behold the crayons were flying. lol. You jsut had to be there to understand. haha. Hated to see them go but I know that their Momma was missin' them something Gloria Helms, thanks for letting the girls come down and hang out with Heaven and Sam, they both had a great time with them. Again, Lord, I thank you for the wonderful children you have blessed us with and the friends that they have. ♥

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