Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Momcologist Point of View

I'm frustrated. Why are we so invisible? CANCER IS THE #1 DISEASE KILLER OF OUR NATIONS CHILDREN! Just got a big, expensive looking notice via e-mail about Pertussis yesterday. Really? Theres a vaccine for that! Do they think cancer is my childs fate? Do they think we did something wrong, it's our fault? Do they think there is nothing that can be done? DO THEY THINK CHILDHOOD CANCER HAS BEEN CURED...? Do they know how kids die? Do they know how kids are harmed? DO they know about the destructive late-effects and secondary cancers? I hear people worrying about the most random junk---creating drama out of perfect health---and I'm UPSET. Why do we know so little about the 12 random forms of childhood cancer? Why does no one know how kids get cancer? How do we prevent what we don't understand? How do we accept ourselves as a nation leaving so many kids behind? Will anyone ever step up? Who's out there? Celebs? Theres a few good ones. But BIG VOICES? Forego that third home, please? Kids birthday parties on cruises? Donate to childhood cancer research instead. Please. One birthday for the hope of another. Will anyone ever show up? Stand with us, and help shine some light on this suffering? Shouldn't everyone know? Tomorrow ask everyone you know what is the #1 disease killer of kids, and all to many will say something other that cancer. We need allies. We needs voices. We need research. We need for people to show up. WE NEED PEOPLE TO CARE. What will it take? I'm hitting a wall BUT, I'm determined, more than ever, to plow through it. --- From A Momcologists' Point of View

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