Monday, June 25, 2012

Blurred Vision/ Blood Drive

‎6-25-12.....This morning didn't start out to good for Heaven. She stood up to quick and her vision went blurry and she feel over on the dog crate and bent the hinge on the door and now she has battle wounds on her arms and back. So after all that she took it easy and then we left to go to the church to the Blood Drive that is taking place today and one of the Flabotomist (Brian) was there that u...sed to work for carilion Roanoke Hospital and as he was getting my info. I had told him about what happened with Heaven and her took her BP.....89/48 [[LOW]] to low for me. So then I proceeded to get in the chair to give blood (where you can give twice) and it wasn't to bad. But Brian had told me that he would check Heavens BP before we left and it was 93/56 [[still to low for me]]. Anyways, I called and left a message for the Dr. at the Clinic and I will wait and see if they call me before noon tomorrow and if not I will call them to make sure they got the message. So praise the Lord Heaven is ok right now and I pray that she continues to do ok. God is so good. And i'd like to give a thank you to everyone that is donating blood today, whether it be at the church or somewhere never know whos life you might be saving. Also, before me and the girls left the blood drive (at 4:05 p.m.) they had already received almost 20 units of blood. Praise the Lord!!!

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