Monday, June 11, 2012

Great Day

‎6-11-12.....So far today heaven has had a great day. No nose bleeds, no tiredness, jsut having fun with her sister and 2 of their friends from church, Anna and Tally. They cam home with Wayne and Samantha last night to spend time and hang out with Heaven adn Sam. They had fun today,,,they sat and gabbed ont he back porch for a while before it became to humid, the they were chasing each other arou...nd the LR and Kit. after preacher was a hoot. Then they put forth an effort to make some bracelets with glass beads, then they tried making paracord bracelets out of a totally different cord (it looked cool) will have to post a pic later (maybe ;)). Now they are relaxing while watching Madagascar. I couldn't ask for a better day for Heaven and Sam than to enjoy it with friends. Just like last week when 3 of their other girl-friends from church stayed a few days with them. Memories of a childhood that will be cherished forever.
Lord, i thank You for the REAL friends in our childrens lives, i pray that they will grow to be an encouragement and an example for each other and to alway serve You.

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