Heaven has had a great day today.....Dr. Edwards is still very pleased with the way things are going. He told me this morning that with her first set of chemo treatments that it normally takes one around 8 weeks to recover, but Heaven recovered in 5 weeks (Praise God thats the number of Grace). He also informed us the the Paradax and Glutamine, he can't stress the continued use enough for her. Then, he added, that next month will be totally different from these first 2. Here is where the prayer warriors need to kick it up a notch or 2 or 3.....he said that for her next visit that she will begion to get 10 times the chemo that she is receiving now...that means since she will get 5 days of chemo she will receive 50 treatments. He also informed me that there will be days that she will jsut want to lay there and sleep through it, but wwe can't let her.....I REFUSE to let my baby lay there and let this overtake her. I ask......I can't ask enough for your prayers for Heaven, myself and our family. Thanks for all you have done thus far and may Christ bless each of you abundantly.