Friday, September 28, 2012

Had a great day today sharing awareness about childhoid cancer while getting an oil change at Jim Mills Nissan. Talked to a few very nice people about different reasearches like and gave info about so nuce to praise the Lord for His goodness with people I have never met but helped me with their encouraging words more than they will ever know.
And I am So happy inside.....went and picked up a few more items,nothing fancy though, for Happy Faces and Battle4aCure, which are small foundations that send hope packages to children with cancer. I am just waiting to get some Christmas cards but I just might send them later. Love to all and I am lovin' this little storm we are having.
If you would like the address for Happy Faces or Battle4aCure...don't hesitate to send me an email and I will share the mailing addressses with you.
May God be with and bless each of you I spoke with today accordingly. <3

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Love the view from our back porch.

Beautiful skies ove Axton, Va

Had  a nice day today. Heaven and I took off the trash, dropped off some flax seed at a friends house nearby, bought some chicken feed and sweet potatoes all while Samantha was working with our neighbor carding fiber.
Went and visited with the neighbor below us and called the neighbor behind us. Went to check to see if we have more green peppers in the garden and we do. Woohoo...will be pickin them soon.
I need to get my work room back in order so I can get back to crafting. Was able to spend some time with my Momma yesterday and I loved it...she is more dear to me than she will ever know.
Heaven will be checked at the dentist tomorrow for TMJ and if need be she will be fitted for a night guard. Her clenching and grinding of her teeth didn't start until she had to have morphine from the pain of the leukemia and mucasitis. I certainly hope it will help in the long run.
Well gotta go finish dinner for the family and may Christ be with you all.

Love in Christ           Jeremiah 33:3

Monday, September 24, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hand-Crafted Beeswax Honeycomb Candles

Trying my hand at a new craft. Let me know what you think.
5 1/2"---$8.00
8 1/2"---$9.50
2- 8 1/2" Tapered Candles for $3.50 or 4-for $7.00

Shipping $4.00 add $1.00 for each additional candle

End of Summer is finally here.....

It certainly seems to have been one long, hot summer this year with temps in the triple digits for what seemed to be weeks at a time. Well, today finally marks the day that we see relief in sight from the summer heat. So...whats on your agenda today?
Today I am doing lots of "last day of summer cleaning".....what are you doing today to end off one long, hot summer?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Labs needed today

Just returned back from getting Heavens labs drawn. Her wbc is normal at 4.0, her rbc is a little low at 3.25 but th main concern is her platelets, they are at 80. Not sure i that is why she is feeling fatigued or not but she has complained about her legs hurting since Saturday. Her appetite hasnt been to good either. She could hardly walk this morning and her temp. was only 95.6 to 96.5 which is a concern but not at this point beings she does run a low grade temp. most ofhe time.
Heaven has pre-op at 9:30am and then we will head over to the clinic at 10:30.
Please pray that this will not be anything serious. Also pray for her 95 year old great-grandfather Jessie Doyle as he is in the hospital with a bladder infection, gall stones in the bile duct & pancreatitis...bless his heart.
Continue also to pray for the family. Love to all nd we hope you have wonderful evening.

Monday, September 17, 2012

God is good all the time :-)

Havent posted lately due to a few unforseen circumstances like...a water line under the house decided to spring a pretty good size leak as to where we had to replace the 2nd bathroom floor, then Waynes Momma passed away on 9-9-12 and the other thing I would rather not talk about.
Heaven has been doing good lately, her pre-op appt on 9-6-12 was cancelled but we didnt find out until until we arrived so it has been rescheduled for 9-20-12 and she has a hem/onc clinic visit on 9-19-12. Continue to pray for her as her legs are becoming sore more often...not sure if she may be overdoing it or what but we will be letting the Dr. know his Wednesday.
Throuh it all...Gods been good.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Still hanging out at the hotel

Day 4 nd me and my girls are sfill at the hotel. Received word today that it could e next week before a contractor comes in and gets the job done...I dont think so...I think Wayne is gonna step up an try to work on it.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hotel called Home for now

Well...the other day I heard a funny noise and after hubby went to investigate...he had found the a water pipe under the house had busted. With all praises going to God...the workers at our insurance co have been totally awesome. They have put me and the girls up in a local hotel (to keep Heaven safe from any dangers), they gave us enough finances for food beings we cant cook at home, I cant say enough about how good they have been. The fire/water cleanup crew are just as great. Construction might begin as soon as Tuesday "Lord willing" to get the area back to normal asap. We are ready to get back home...even though the girls will miss the pool.
God is so good!!! All the time