Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Labs needed today

Just returned back from getting Heavens labs drawn. Her wbc is normal at 4.0, her rbc is a little low at 3.25 but th main concern is her platelets, they are at 80. Not sure i that is why she is feeling fatigued or not but she has complained about her legs hurting since Saturday. Her appetite hasnt been to good either. She could hardly walk this morning and her temp. was only 95.6 to 96.5 which is a concern but not at this point beings she does run a low grade temp. most ofhe time.
Heaven has pre-op at 9:30am and then we will head over to the clinic at 10:30.
Please pray that this will not be anything serious. Also pray for her 95 year old great-grandfather Jessie Doyle as he is in the hospital with a bladder infection, gall stones in the bile duct & pancreatitis...bless his heart.
Continue also to pray for the family. Love to all nd we hope you have wonderful evening.

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