Monday, September 17, 2012

God is good all the time :-)

Havent posted lately due to a few unforseen circumstances like...a water line under the house decided to spring a pretty good size leak as to where we had to replace the 2nd bathroom floor, then Waynes Momma passed away on 9-9-12 and the other thing I would rather not talk about.
Heaven has been doing good lately, her pre-op appt on 9-6-12 was cancelled but we didnt find out until until we arrived so it has been rescheduled for 9-20-12 and she has a hem/onc clinic visit on 9-19-12. Continue to pray for her as her legs are becoming sore more often...not sure if she may be overdoing it or what but we will be letting the Dr. know his Wednesday.
Throuh it all...Gods been good.

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