Saturday, March 31, 2012

Prayers Needed for Wayne's Momma

‎3-31-12.....Heaven is having a great day today and she is feeling and looking good. She has lots of evergy but she is going to conserve it. lol. We have had to come to the hospital in Roanoke but not for Heaven but for Waynes Momma. We got a call this morning thta she had a stroke sometime between 6 and 8 a.m. this morning. She was transported to Rocky Mount Memorial and the air lifted to Carilion Roanoke. She is now in surgery beings they found a blood clot on one side of her brain. Please pray that the Lord will keep His loving hand upon her and the family. Love you all ♥
Waynes Mommas name is carolyn Doyle Cobler...if you all would please pray for her. She is still in surgery, we haven't heard anything as of yet. We will update as soon as we hear something. ♥

Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Good Day

‎3-30-12.....Heaven is having another good day today. This evening we are going to get teh fire pit up and going and will be roating hotdogs and marshmallows, so anyone that would like to join us...just come on down and hang out. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and for those traveling in the Martinsville area this careful. ♥ you all and thank you Lord for all your blessing on our family.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Good Day Today

‎3-29-12.....Heaven is feeling pretty good today. The Home Nurse came by and her oxy. & BP was at a good level and her lungs still sounded great. She has gained 1 whole pound since tuesday...Yay!!!...Cindy (the home nurse) drew her labs, is going to run them STAT and we are now waiting on the results as to see if she will need platelets tomorrow. I know her Platelet level is down becasue after a ...little bit she is easily tired. So., thank you all for your prayers, your surprise visits to the hospital (after we were out of PICU) and thank you all for your encouragement. Lord, I ask that you bless each individual as you would see fit, as they have all been a blessing in their own way to our family and Lord, thank you for all you have done. ♥
Update:::::Heaven's lab report came back and the results are.....

anc--- ? will find out later

God is so good.....♥ Tell me whats impossible with God.....

Update:::::Heaven's ANC is 1800...also she can stop taking the antibiotic and the Nurse at the Clinic said that Heavens labs will be drawn again on Monday and if her platelets are 75 and her ANC is above 2000, on Tuesday she will begin her last round of chemo. Praise the Lord!!! Glory!!!
Had a wonderful time while out tonight with Wayne, Samantha, heaven and myself. We went to Red Lobster for dinner and was so blessed after we arrived. Anyways, to make along story short...God is good and He takes care of His children and He blesses His children that praise Him and lives for Him. Thanks you Jesus for  awonderful night to where we could jsut put the mountain aside, and jsut have fun being a family and laughing and enjoying one anothers company. Thank you Lord for loving us the way you do. I'd also like to thankd the Manager and Staff at red Lobster for a wonderfully blessed evening. <3 to you all.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1st full day home

3-27-12.....Heaven has had a gret day today, she has felt good, she has been outside the majority of the day, one of her friends came over this evening and hung out with her. But, this morning while the Home Nurse was here, while Heaven was sleeping, Cindy, the nurse, was checking her BP and her Oxygen level and the oxygen was very low, like between 84 and 88, so we todl her that she need to get up and move,s o once she moved her oxy. level went to 97+ so that was a great thing. Thank you Lord for being right where you needed at all times. Thank you for all your prayers and phone calls, please continue to pray and please remember the ones that are still at the hospital. ♥ you all. ♥

Monday, March 26, 2012

There's certainly no place like home

Will we be going home today? As of yet, we don't know. Dr. Atkinson hasn't been in yet to let us kknow what is going to take place today. But, last night Heaven gave the RN a little scare with 2 low BP readings,s o at 4 a.m. they had her up and walking to see if her body was just resting well was, once she walked around for a minute it came back up, but I am glad the RN took notice and took action to make sure before calling in back up. Anyways, we are waiting on the Dr......will update when we here something.
Update::: 13 days later.....We are going to the house...yay!!! Praise the Lord, Glory to God, Amen, etc. ect. not sure what time but they want to have us home before 4 p.m. since that is when her next antibiotic is due. She will be on the Cefipime every 8 hours for 3 days, the home nurse will take labs on Thurs. and that will determine if we need to come back for a transfusion of platelets (her platelets is 30 today but instead of topping her off today the Dr. is gonna wait) which is good, no need to waste them to early. Anyways please continue to pray for Emili and her family, I am going to take the decorations that we hung form the ceiling in Heavens room and give them to the PICU for her room...she needs something nice. Thank you all again and please continue to pray for Heaven and our family. Many blessings to you all and may Christ bless you with a wonderful day. ♥
Yay!!! Made it home safely and Heaven is already outside soaking up the sun. She certainly didn't waste any time getting changed and heading out. Right now she is sitting in my truck with her antibiotic attached and jsut having the time of her life. Thank you all for your prayers for Heaven and us, and I ask that you please continue.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rainy Sunday

‎3-25-12.....Heaven is feeling much better today, though she hasn't eaten anything as of yet (2:09 p.m) so, we may be able to go home sometime tomorrow or tuesday because Dr. Atkinson will be here tomorrow and it will be up to her as to when we can go home. I do know that the only thing right now keeping us here is her potassium level and her appetite, so yes, I have made Heaven so mad at me becau...e I keep talking about how she needs to eat. Right now she weighs between 103 and 105 lbs. Wayne left this morning so he could go to church, I sure miss my church family, but we will be back in full swing in a few more months. I have figured out that there is a toddler here and she has a brain tumor, she looks to be a couple years old, so I am asking that you all please pray for her and her family for I know that this is going to be hard on all of them. Lord, I ask that you keep your loving hand upon ehr and her family, send comfort to them, send grace. Thank you all for all your prayers for us and the others here.
Went to the store earlier while Heaven's cousin Nick was at the hospital visiting with her and his Mom Veronca was with me, and I picked up a big super cute pastel castapillar for Emili and a card for Erma (Emili's Mom). When we got back to the hospital a waited a bit before I took it to her, and when I did I thought she was going to cry...tore at my heart strings really hard. Her Momma had left again for a couple more days due to her (mom) not feeling good at all. Heaven has eaten 1 1/2 tacos that were brought to her by her cousin. I am thinking she may get a blood and platelet transfushion tomorrow, I'm not for sure though, but I will be asking Dr. Atkinson in the morning. Please pray for a ood night for Heaven and Emili. Lord be with all the children here.....

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baby Steps being made

‎3-24-12.....Well, Heaven has nibbled on a banana and has sipped on a nutritional drink but she can't live on just that, but she is waiting on daddy to bring her some food for lunch. Also, her RN, no matter what she or Heaven done to help the situation, she (RN) couldn't get the ethanol lock out of the port line, so per Dr. Edwards decision, the RN was told to flush the line slowly and that the sm...all amount of EL wouldn't bother Heaven.....well, I did not like this decision but what more could be done. Anyways, the port line was flushed and Heaven said that she immediately felt like she had gotten a shot of morphine, so this had put off ehr having a shower for 2 hours and she isn't happy...well, some things we have to go through.

She was waking jsut a little last night but only 1 lap aroudn the nurses station but thats much better than none at all. Also, her fevers seem to have sub-sided for now and she has to stay on the Cefipime (antibiotic) until next Thursday. So, Lord thank you for the baby steps of progress and thank you for all the prayers that have been prayed and answered. ♥ you all.

 I jsut returned from a visit with Emili, and it jsut broke my heart...I so want to cry but I have no where I can go to do so. Just to see these kids fighting so hard.....It makes me wonder...if the person that holds the "Magic Bullet" (as oncology dr.s call it) even has kids or even cares. If anybody on here ever complains because something in your daily life doesn't go as you thinkit should go...jsut give me a call, I'll come pick you up and show you some kids that just wish they could get out of bed to use the potty. Lord, I ask that you reach your loving hand down tonight and lay it upon Emili, Lord, she needs you to touch her body ans show the Staff here how much you love and care for her, Lord I ask that you give her the strength to breath on her own, for her sugar to get at a normal level, for her to be able to talk clearly, to sit up in bed, to tell her Mom and Dad that she loves them, Lord heart is so heavily burdened right now for her and her health. Also, I ask my family and friends here to please lift her and her family up in prayer everytime you think of Heaven. Please, if you all could only see, but my Jesus knows.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Were moved :)

3-23-12.....First off I'd like to say "Happy 17th Birthday Samantha" I love you and miss having you here with Heaven and I, will see you soon ♥

O.K....We were finally moved to the Peds floor last night around 9:30 p.m. The delay was due to another hour long nose bleed. The resident Dr. tried to pack her nose, but before he could get the 2nd gause in the 1st one was totally soaked. She was also ab...le to throw-up another golf-ball size clot. Once it finally stopped and a platelet transfushion was requested here came another 30 minute nose bleed. Ed finally sent up a pair of nose pinchers and I actually think Heaven fell asleep with them on.
After all had subsided, Heaven was able to go to sleep and then here came the fever (101.1), so if we can get the fever to stop, nose bleeds to stop, her potassium to increase and if she will start eating, we could be going to the house by Monday. Also, she will have to be on the Cefipime (antibiotic) for 5 more days for the infection.
Again, thank you Lord for keeping watch over our children and I pray that a cure be found and shared so that the children will not have to suffer so bad with the different types of Leukemia's. Also, thanks to all our family and friends who have been our silent prayer partners. ♥ you all.

Well,I ordered a pizza for Heaven and I and she just would not eat any, then the Nutritionist came in to talk with Heaven and tried to coach her into eating a bit of food every 15 minutes,,,but nope, it didn't work. Then shortly after the Nutritionist left Heaven started throwing up left-overs in her stomach, then here came the RN and gave her a Benadryl so now she is out for at least another 2 hours, so there goes any chance I had getting anything in her. Then Dr. Edwards came in and I had asked him his opinion about possibly having the vessel in her nose carderized (sp) but her said where she hasn't had any nose bleeds today that it isn't a big issue. But if she doesn't start eating by tomorrow afternoon that they will be placing an NG Feeding Tube. So pray that her appetite pick up really soon.
Well, Heaven tried to take powered potassium...couldn't do it. She tried to drink it...she couldn't do it. She tried the huge tablet...she couldn't do it. She was finally able to swallow 3 horse size caplets...yay!!! She has eaten a 1/2 a banana but that is it...nothing else. So, maybe tomorrow. Lord willing.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Might be moving out of PICU

3-22-12.....Dr. Kayrouz jsut came in to chat with Heaven and told her that she just might get to move out onto the Peds Floor today, Lord willing. I have been told that the Peds floor is full and so we may have to wait till tomorrow. But things are looking better. Praise the Lord!!!!! God is so good!!!
Right now Heaven is getting a blood transfushion, she will be getting 2 today, because her Hemo. and Hema. are really low. She is resting/sleeping due to the Benadryl. She did get a little of a nurtient shake in her before she fell asleep. Thank you Lord for keeping your hand upon Heaven.

The Nurses here are jsut so sweet, 2 of the Peds Floor RN's have came in here, the PICU, to check and see how Heaven is doing. I love it that there are still people that put and think of others before themselves. Lord thank you for such a wondrful staff of Dr.s and Nurses.
 O.K.....Brittany (Heaven's PICU RN) came to let us know that Dr. Edwards called and stated that as soon as he gets home that he will type up transfer order for us to be taken to the Peds Floor (on the other side of the door) to room 1145(Lord willing)...yay, our fav. room. So we may be heading that way soon, but it could be tomorrow to beings there are several kids in the ED that will be needing rooms to.. Also, Dr. Kayrouz came in and I asked him how much longer did he think we would be here, he automatically said that was a question for Dr. Edwards, but he did say that Heaven has 2 more days on the Cefipime (antibiotic) and how wver long it takes her to come off the low oxygen, so possibly 3 to 6 more days. And if all goes well..... we can go to the house. YAY!!!!! Thank you Lord for blessing our family and surrounding us with so many wonderful people. Thank You all for your continued encouragement and prayers. ♥
As of 7:10 p.m. we are still in the PICU, and thats o.k. because Heavens nose started bleeding about 20 minutes ago and it jsut slowed to a stop. Heaven still isn't eating to much or in my opinion "bird amounts" but I understand that she is tired and even the more tired formt he meds she has to take and then tired form the nose bleeds, etc. We will eventually get moved to the Peds floor either later tonight or tomorrow. ♥

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All was going well until.....

3-21-12.....Up until 1:25 p.m. all was going well when out of the blue her nose starts beeding and as of 2:15 p.m. it is still bleeding and there is a blood clot in her throat that she can't get up as of yet. Dr. Edwards ordered platelets and they are now hanging to see if that will help stop the nose bleed. She hasn't had any fevers as of yet due to the fact that she has had to have Tylenol a couple of times for the Ambisone and Antibiotic, so we are keeping a close eye of her temp right now. Her head is starting to hurt and all this took place right before she was oging to eat some chicken and tater tots. Glory to God for He is good and thank you all for your prayers. Psalm 121
O.k.....just before 2:25 p.m.(almost an hour later) Heavens nose finally stopped bleeding and she has fallen asleep.
Update.....about an hour after Heavens nose stopped bleeding, it started again and lasted about 20 minutes. We think it may have been caused by her trying ot laugh a little bit. Anyways, Dr. Edwards came in and let me know out of all the other CBC's (complete blood count) that has been drawn all have came back normal...meaning the infection/bacteria is gone. AMEN!!! Praise the Lord. <3 Now we are waiting for her lungs to heal form the resperatory issues that she had and then Lord willing ina couple to 3 days we will back on the Peds floor and then maybe back home after a few days. Thank you all for standing by us praying. Thank you. <3

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Still having fevers and can't rest.

3-20-12.....Good-Morning to all. Heaven didn't sleep well again last night and at 5:30 a.m this morning she was getting a fever, when checked it was 101.9 so she took her tylenol to help. Her body heats up so fast. The nurse put the fan back on her to help cool her off a little. Lord willing, Wayne will be bringing my sewing machine up this evening so I can make some pillows for the kids, they only have 4 or 5 left, if that many. Again, thanks for all your prayers and encouraging words....God is good and He is the one that gives the grace we need, He is the one that calms the storms in our loves, He is the Great Physician, He is my Saviour. ♥ you all.
Heaven is now getting ready to receive the Ambisone (anti-fungal). Also, Dr. Edwards came in and he says that he isn't sure when heaven can come off the oxygen (says he stopped trying to predict years and years ago) LoL. Heavens oxygen will be lowered day by  day until she is weaned off. She started out at 50 and so far she is down to 15. Her temp was 99.9 and the rising of the temp was caught early cause she had to take tylenol for the Ambisone. <3 to all.
Update on Heaven:::::Where they were weaning her off of the oxygen, about and hour and a half ago, she was having to work to hard to breath and come to find out...a small area of one of her lungs collapsed. She is o.k. and they have raised the oxygen intake to accomidate and every 2 to 4 hours she has to have on a full face mask (covers nose and mouth) to help increase the flow to the lungs. Thank you all so much for your prayers for it could have been worse btu I know that my Creator and Saviour are hearing the prayers of my friends. Thank you Lord for watching over Heaven for me. Thank you. ♥
Heavens temp is now 102.6 and here comes the Tylenol. They will be doing a breathing treatment that will help open her lungs back up in an hour or so.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Still having Fevers

3-19-12.....Heaven is still having fevers. At 4:30 a.m. this morning her temp was 103.9,,,the nurses even brought in a fan to help her feel more comfortable. She was given tylenol so her latest check for her temp was 99.2 She didn't rest as well last night for some reason. She actually seems to be resting much better right now. Dr. Edwards or Atkinson will be in here in jsut a little bit so I will see what he says about things. Again thank you all for your prayers <3 and to God be all the glory. Will update as the day progresses.
Dr. Randy (PICU Dr.) just came in and listened to Heavens lungs and he said that they sounded really good. Then he explained that the reason she had the fluidis because of all the fluids she needed when her blood pressure was low the other day. Theya re now goignt o start decreasing the flow of oxygen to see if she will continue to get better. They jsut now need to figure out the fevers. Dr. Edwards hasn't shown up yet so, we are waiting to see what he says.
♥ to all and to God be the glory.

O.k. at about 1:00 p.m. Heaven had a Potassium bolis due to the fact that her Potassium level is really low, she just finished up a Platelet Transfusion about 20 minutes and now she is getting the Ambison (anti-fungal). She isn't feeling to good sue to some drainage in her throat from where her nose has previously bled. Her last temp was 102.6 and now it is 101. Dr. Edwards came in and listened to her lungs and he agreed that they are sound so much better, but he wants to keep her on the oxygen for now instead of taking her off cold turkey they will be weaning her slowly. But for now she is on full oxygen cause as soon as they decreased it, she eventually started to have to work harder to breath which cause lots of coughing. <3
Heavens Potassium level is 3.3 the Dr. is pushing for 3.5+.(normal range is 3.5 to 4.5) so higher than 3.5 is better for her. She will be getting a potassium bolis soon. Her temp right now is 103.1 so we are back to the tylenol and the fan. They lowered or oxygen again to see how she does. each time she sits up or tries to talk all she does is cough and it makes her throat so sore. Poor baby. ♥ you all

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nose Bleeds, Fevers, Upset Tummy

3-18-12.....Heaven has had a somewhat rough start this morning. She woke before 6:30 a.m. with a nose bleed that lasted almost 15 minutes, we are sure it is due to a low platelet count and possibly the oxygen. Right now she needs to keep every drop of blood that she can. Then she had to use the potty so bad that she made it but not in time, so she had to be cleaned up from that...bless her heart. ...She still has the fever spikes but the last temp reading was 98.1...of course this is after Tylenol. Also, she is having a very hard time trying to get the meds (pill form) swallowed. I know you all are or will be heading to church today...please keep Heaven and our family in your prayers and that Christ will continue to give us strength to climb this mountain. Hugs and Love to you all.
 Dr. Kayrouz jsut came in and informed us that the echocardiogram came back clean. Yay!!! Praise the Lord!!! Also she is going to be getting some platelets which will help with the nose bleeds and Dr. K said she will be needing more blood which he said he is very nervous from at this point as to what happened on Thursday. Lord willing all will go well this time.
O.K. Heaven has fallen alseep and while I was at the Nursing Station...Heavens new friend Emili had to be brought to the PICU. Her condition has worsened so I ask all my friends and family to please pray for these kids...they should not have to fight a battle like this. We can put a man in a suit that will keep him from exploding in space and send him to the moon, but our children have to suffer with so much. I pray that there will be a cure found for Childhood Leukemias', I pray that it will be found very Jesus precious Name. ♥ you all.
O.k. Right now Heaven is receiving a unit of platelets to help with the nose bleeds. Afterwards, she will get Ambison which is an anti-fungal med. They are giving these two seperate in case there is a reaction to either. I also found out that back here in the PICU there are 5 oncology patients and there is only 8 rooms. These kids need our prayers.
Below are her counts that are available as of 11:20 a.m.

Platelets 10
wbc 0.2

Heaven was jsut put back on the forced air oxygen due to the fact that Dr. Kayrouz and Dr. Fisher seen that she was having to work hard again to breath. This will be left in until further notice. Also, Heaven was able to eat half a banana,,,yay!!!
Here is what Heaven's room looks like. Can you see Heaven? She is in the pic I promise and she isn't covered up or hiding. She was actually sleeping when I took this pic. She is hooked up to 2 poles and everything on the poles is hooked to something.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fevers still Spiking

3-17-12.....Through-out the night Heavens fevers kept spiking. The highest a few hours ago was 104 and right now she is at 103.4. She slept good through the night though. Radiology came in at 5:45 a.m. to take another chest scan to see if there have been any changes in the fluids in her lungs. I, myself, was able to get several hours of sleep last night, and I so feel a lot better. Dr. Fisher will... be here today and tomorrow (she is so so so smart) and she is also a sweetheart and loves the kids so much, but I think she is on so that Dr. Edwards adn Atkinson can possibly go to the funeral of the 17 y.o. that passed away a couple days ago, not sure but thats what I think.
The Dr,'s form sucha bond with these kids and they become so close that they are almost like family. Please continue to keep the other family in your prayers for they are suffereing form a huge loss right now. I was told that the young man was saved and knew Christ as his Saviour,s o he is in good hands right now.
Also, thanks for your prayers for Heaven but please be careful of how you pray...Thanks everyone ♥ to all.

 Update::::: Dr. Kayruze came and took me in to talk to me about Heaven. After he had time to look at the chest x-rays he said that her condition (fluid in her lungs) had worsened overnight and that if they can't get it under control that she will have to be put on a ventalator...he doesn't want to go there so he and Dr. Fisher are talking as I type trying to make the best decision for her. The one thing that is concerning Dr. K is that they can't figure out where the temp spikes are coming from. They are also discussing the possible removal of the port. Thank you all so much for your prayers and to God be all the glory for it is He that has brought us this far. ♥ to all.
Right now at 6 p.m. heaven is now getting an Echocardiogram jsut so they cen make sure that there isn't a problem in there.....not sure if they are going to order another chest scan due to her being introduced to so much radiation. Lord be with her little body please. She has been ordered by Dr. Kayrouz (pronounced Cruz) not to take the oxygen off for any reason at all and he explained to her why. Not sure where the line will be drawn of a possible feeding tube, but she is an active girl and that's what Dr. Fisher is looking at. She said that if Heaven were a tiny little girl with no form to her body that she would have already had a tube in. Heaven is in great hands of her Lord and these gracious Dr.'s up here. Lord I thank you for each Dr and Nurse here.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fevers and Low BP {{{Updates Continually}}}

3-16-12.....What a long night...Heaven has held a yo-yo range of fevers all night long. The nurses were so good coming in and trying to keep her as comfortable as possible...and trust me, they were in the room at least every 15 minutes. We will find out today if she has any sensitivities toward the vancomycin and if so, they will change the antibiotic. Per Dr. Atkinson's request to me yesterday she had me to promise that I would try and get some sleep, and I was able to catch a few hours of sleep off and on. Each time I heard Heaven even jsut shift in the bed I woke up, when the nurses were in her room, I woke up, she would so soflty say Momma and I would wake I did get a  few hours of sleep off and on through-out the night so I am good for another 24. Definately looking and praying for her to feel better soon as she hasn't eaten anything since Wednesday afternoon...I have offered her jello or yogurt and she just doesnt' want to even hear the word food, so I will be asking Dr. Edwards today about a small ng tube for feeding, but only if necessary of course. Thank you all for your continued prayer for Heaven and our family and thank you all for being so willing as to ask others to pray also...God is good.....ALL the time and I know that He has His hand upon this situation. <3 Love you all and I'll update again later.
Dr. Burbrige (sp) just came in to let me know that there is a possibility that heaven may have to be moved back over to the PICU area since her BP is getting low, it actually stayed low all through the night. He also said that this way she would have nurses checking in on her more frequently, which right now she needs. He is going to talk with Dr. Edwards shortly and we wil all see what will be best for Heaven.
A little update::: Right now Heavens tem is 101.9, just down a hair from over an hour ago. Where she had 2 bolis' last night her left eye and top lip is a little swollen, but she wsa also lying flat so we raised her up a bit, Heaven didn't like that, but we had to. She is getting a blood transfushion right now ans they had to give her a dose of Benadryl in case she has a reaction, Lord willing she won't. Dr. Edwards hasn't made it in yet, so I am waiting on him to see what decision we are going to make. Love you all. <3
Heaven is now getting a second transfushion due to the fact that her Hemoglobins (oxygen levels in the blood) was only 5. She is going to have to drink some Potassium and she isn't wanting to,so we, the nurse and I t, think it may be better if Dr. Edwards came to explain how important it is that she do this. Thank you all for your prayers. ♥
Update::: Nurse Daphne just came in and ran an oxygen test on Heaven...her oxygen level was 81 (over 92 is normal) so she is now being hooked up to some oxygen for a little bit. We jsut took her temp also and its at 102.5, we can't seem to get is under 101. She is also about to receive some Tylenol. Please continue to pray.
Another Update::: We will be moving back to the PICU here shortly...I will let you all know what room we are in. We are only moving so that Heaven can be monitored more closely.
After teh Vancomycin level check...they had to increase her dose by 250mg also she is on Diflucan (anti-fungal) she is also on Cefipime (antibiotic). Her temp right now is 102.2. She is resting well and we will see what takes place throughout the night. Blessings to all.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

3-15-12.....Ice packs again{{{UPDATES}}}'s almost 3:30 a.m. and they are applying ice packs again to keep the fever from rising so fast. Her temp is at 99.9 so they are going to try and catch it early. Thanks for all the prayers.
Its 4:15a.m. and Heavens temp is 101.5 so they will be giving her more tylenol soon.

Heaven temp is back up to 102.9.....and she is shivering.....She has 2 blankets a sheet and a quilt on her.
Heavens temp came down and now it rising has been one long day. She is now receiving platelets (due to her cycle) and her BP is still 79 over 39 low. She has practically slept all day and there is no way I am going to sleep with all this going on. We have a cool rag on her head to try and keep the temp at bay until we can actually pinpoint the cause. I do know that the chemo, after so long, will make this happen but her BP hadn't ever been this low for this long. Please continue to pray for her. If you call my cell phone and I don't answer...thats because it is dead and I am charging it. Our room # is 1145 and the phone # is 1-540-266-5728 if you'd like to call and check on Heaven.
O.K. the nurse drew culture earlier and the results are in.....they cam back Positive for Strep Veridans Bacteria, common in chemo patients. Theya re going to treat it with vancomycin (antibiotic) if she winds up sensitive to the vancomycin they will change the antibiotic. Also, she began vomiting again about 30 minutes ago and her temp is now 103.3.

Lord, thnak you for holding me while I cried today...and thank you for loving me so much.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3-14-12.....Back at the hospital

O.K. we are back at Roanoke Hospital. Heavens temp spiked to 101.1 and then within 10 minutes it was 103.5 then in route to the hospital I took her temp again and it was 103.8. We passed a police officer running about 70 to 75 in a 45 mph zone, I thought he would turn around but he didn't. Travel was fine everyone seen teh flashers and moved out of the way. She is now getting a bolis fluid to help keep her from dehydrating and they are getting her port ready to be accessed. Her temp is back down to 101.3. Please pray that all goes well. Love you all. ♥

She is now accessed and ready to receive the blois fluids. It took a lot of maneuvering of one of the needles but they finially go thte bothof them going.

‎11:35 p.m. Heavens Temp just spiked back to 103. They are adding a couple of big Ice packs to try and keep it regulated.

3-14-12....Tired day

‎3-14-12.....We made it back home yesterday and Heaven was really tired but doing well. Today, we waited until after 2 p.m. and went to teh YMCA to look around and see where everthing is so that when we go we won't be green as to where to go. Anyways, after that we went over to Dollar Tree to get a few things and Heaven started having a pain in her heart area, I called the Clinic and Heavens Nurse... Melissa (from yesterday) asked if I could get some Tylenol or Acetometaphen and give her 1 tablet. Dr. Edwards said that it could be a pulled muscle that she may not even had realized or a possible clot. So I go the Acetometaphen and gave to her and Melissa wated me to call the clinic about 45 minutes later so they could see if she was better or not. We arrived home and Heaven went straight to her room to lie down and when I called the Clinic back I asked Heaven how she was and she said that she did feel a little better. I know lots of you are heading to church tonight, so I am asking to please pray for her, also pray for travels tomorrow that we have to take to Greensboro to pick up Samantha (Heavens sis). My neighbors are riding with me so I will have extra eyes to keep on Heaven. As always Thank you all for praying and love you all. ♥

Also, yesterday there was some lumber hanging off the back of Waynes truck and before I could get the words out of my mouth Heaven waled right into it. She staggered for a few steps afterwards and now she has a nice red spot on her head with a knot.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3-13-12.....It's Transfushion Time

3-13-12.....We are at the Clinic right will be an all day thing to get ehr refueled. Melissa (her Clinic Nurse) just hooked up her platelets which will take about 45 minutes to run and then they will be getting her ready for the 2 pints of blood that will take about 4 hours for both units to run. Thank you all for your continued prayer and please don't stop. May Christ get all the glory and honor for all that takes place.

Monday, March 12, 2012

3-12-12.....Clinic Visit Tomorrow

‎3-12-12.....Update---Heavens counts are critical (hemoglobin 7.6 and platelets 6) as to say they are very low and I had a feeling yesterday that we would be making a trip to the Clinic sometime this week. I am waiting to hear back from the Dr.'s as to what they want me to do and in the meantime I am trying to figure out how to get Samantha to my Momma house so that she can stay with her for a few... days beings she jsut found out she has a partial blockage in one of her arteries and her Dr. says that it would be great if someone could stay with her in case of an emergency. Please pray for Heaven and my Momma and also please pray for our family as the devil seems to be at a continual fight with us.
 Just got word that I have to have Heaven at the Clinic at 9 a.m. for 2 pints of blood and 1 pint of platelets. Please continue to pray for her and all the other children that are fighting.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

3-10-12 Make-A-Wish

‎3-10-12.....Heaven is still doing good, her temp earlier was 98* and she says she only feels just a little rawness in her mouth. SHe is still taking hte Glutamine and Fluconazole and today & tomorrow she has to take Sulfameth that helps her from getting really sick from a certain type on Pneaumonia. Please continue to pray for our family and the Christ will keep His loving hand upon us. Also pray for the other kids that are fighting this aweful disease.

Also, The volunteers from Make-A-Wish just left and Heavens wish was to go to the Mall of America in Minnasota and her back up wish was to go to Disney World. She was given a very cute Make-A-Wish Barbie form the volunteers. They were both really nice and do a great job with MaW. Now we are waiting to see what takes place :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Cloudy Day in VA

‎3-8-12.....The home nurse came by this morning around 8:30 or so and drew labs from Heavens' arm since her port isn't accessed, but she didn't seem to mind it...I actually think she took some pics. Anyways, I went to a nearby salon to see about geting my hair cut (by someone but me) and of course...they didn't have the time,so, I guess I'll be cutting my hair here shortly. Today the volunteers wi...ll be dropping by from Make-A-Wish Foundation and they will be doing an interview with Heaven to see what her wish will be. So far her mouth isn't blistering and no fevers as of yet. I'd like to thank you to my Saviour for His mighty healing hand of love that He has shown to this family...and I'd like to say to the ol' devil...go back to hell where you belong, back off and leave my family alone with your wickedness.
Please continue to pray for us and we will continue to keep all of you in our prayers. ♥ you all so much.


Looking at this picture of Heaven...would you think she had Leukemia? Let's teach ourselves to be kind one to another and remember that everyone is fighting a battle of some sort.
o.k. I misunderstood the volunteer on the phone last week...they will be here Saturday around 4 p.m. he was going to call today and verify the time and to make sure we will be here. Lord willing but he said if not that they will come to Roanoke if hse is feeling up to it.
Heaven's lab results are back.....looks like we may be heading back to roanoke before to long. She is now netrapenic so I am so glad that she and I stayed home last night. Her counts are as follows...
anc--- 320
Please continue to pray for our family. Thank you all so very, very much. <3 to all.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Girls day out

3-7-12.....Soryy for not posting yesterday but Myself, Samantha and Heaven had a girls day out and we had a blast. We went to the Danville Mall, Target, Rue 21, Hobby Lobby, Leggetts and a couple other places before calling it a day. Heaven... did good and we stayed as long as she could handle it. It was good to get out of the house for a while. They were able to get themselves a few goodies that they needed and a couple that they wanted. LoL. It was actually refreshing for me to see them looking through all the racks and shelves of items. In Rue 21(see picture) I found a shirt that I bought for what she is doing. It had a pick ribbon on it but I colored it Orange and it looks really cool. Anyways, Heaven is doing good...this morning she said that she can feel a difference in her mouth and i looked and I could see the redness in the backs of her jaws and under her top lip. Please continue to pray and we thank you all for all your prayers for our family.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

We made it Home...

We made it home around 1 or 1:30 today...we actually stopped by and visited with Kayla for a little bit. Its good to be home and I pray all goes well here and my Saviour keeps His hand upon Heaven and that we can stay here at home until her next round of chemo. Heaven is doing great, she was just laughing and cutting up like crazy and would joke and pic with the Nurses and Dr. Edwards...I stand amazed as to how things came about this week. WoW!!! I serve a mighty God. Lord, I love you and thank you for all you have seen us through...we definately have so, so much to thank You for. <3 Please continue to pray for our family for the devil is still fighting us tooth and nail, but, my Jesus is much bigger and better than he is. Love you all and thank you for all you have done.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March is Here

3-1-12.....Wow!!! where has then year gone, we are already a 1/4 of the way through it. Anyways, again...the Lord has totally amazed me with another great day for Heaven...she is doing great and eating lots and lots. I thank you all for all... your prayers and I ask that you please continue.
Took a trip to Dollar Tree to pick up a few items and Heaven also wanted some Hot Pockets, Pizza Rolls, & Popcorn Chicken. While out we went to the "Fresh Market" for the first time and OH,MY!!! Henry County really needs one of these. I loved it...lots of good choices of fruits, meats and veggies and I also have to say sweets. I have included a pic of an Oreo Cupcake I picked I didn't eat it. LoL. But it sure looked yummy!!! No drooling allowed. hehe
Also, Heaven gets to have an interview with one of Make-A-Wish Foundaitons volunteers next Thursday around 4p.m. or so. Her mind is still turning as to what she really wants to do.
Again Lord, we thank you for everything You have done for us and for keeping that stone wall about us. Thank you.