Friday, March 23, 2012

Were moved :)

3-23-12.....First off I'd like to say "Happy 17th Birthday Samantha" I love you and miss having you here with Heaven and I, will see you soon ♥

O.K....We were finally moved to the Peds floor last night around 9:30 p.m. The delay was due to another hour long nose bleed. The resident Dr. tried to pack her nose, but before he could get the 2nd gause in the 1st one was totally soaked. She was also ab...le to throw-up another golf-ball size clot. Once it finally stopped and a platelet transfushion was requested here came another 30 minute nose bleed. Ed finally sent up a pair of nose pinchers and I actually think Heaven fell asleep with them on.
After all had subsided, Heaven was able to go to sleep and then here came the fever (101.1), so if we can get the fever to stop, nose bleeds to stop, her potassium to increase and if she will start eating, we could be going to the house by Monday. Also, she will have to be on the Cefipime (antibiotic) for 5 more days for the infection.
Again, thank you Lord for keeping watch over our children and I pray that a cure be found and shared so that the children will not have to suffer so bad with the different types of Leukemia's. Also, thanks to all our family and friends who have been our silent prayer partners. ♥ you all.

Well,I ordered a pizza for Heaven and I and she just would not eat any, then the Nutritionist came in to talk with Heaven and tried to coach her into eating a bit of food every 15 minutes,,,but nope, it didn't work. Then shortly after the Nutritionist left Heaven started throwing up left-overs in her stomach, then here came the RN and gave her a Benadryl so now she is out for at least another 2 hours, so there goes any chance I had getting anything in her. Then Dr. Edwards came in and I had asked him his opinion about possibly having the vessel in her nose carderized (sp) but her said where she hasn't had any nose bleeds today that it isn't a big issue. But if she doesn't start eating by tomorrow afternoon that they will be placing an NG Feeding Tube. So pray that her appetite pick up really soon.
Well, Heaven tried to take powered potassium...couldn't do it. She tried to drink it...she couldn't do it. She tried the huge tablet...she couldn't do it. She was finally able to swallow 3 horse size caplets...yay!!! She has eaten a 1/2 a banana but that is it...nothing else. So, maybe tomorrow. Lord willing.

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