Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3-14-12....Tired day

‎3-14-12.....We made it back home yesterday and Heaven was really tired but doing well. Today, we waited until after 2 p.m. and went to teh YMCA to look around and see where everthing is so that when we go we won't be green as to where to go. Anyways, after that we went over to Dollar Tree to get a few things and Heaven started having a pain in her heart area, I called the Clinic and Heavens Nurse... Melissa (from yesterday) asked if I could get some Tylenol or Acetometaphen and give her 1 tablet. Dr. Edwards said that it could be a pulled muscle that she may not even had realized or a possible clot. So I go the Acetometaphen and gave to her and Melissa wated me to call the clinic about 45 minutes later so they could see if she was better or not. We arrived home and Heaven went straight to her room to lie down and when I called the Clinic back I asked Heaven how she was and she said that she did feel a little better. I know lots of you are heading to church tonight, so I am asking to please pray for her, also pray for travels tomorrow that we have to take to Greensboro to pick up Samantha (Heavens sis). My neighbors are riding with me so I will have extra eyes to keep on Heaven. As always Thank you all for praying and love you all. ♥

Also, yesterday there was some lumber hanging off the back of Waynes truck and before I could get the words out of my mouth Heaven waled right into it. She staggered for a few steps afterwards and now she has a nice red spot on her head with a knot.

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