Monday, March 26, 2012

There's certainly no place like home

Will we be going home today? As of yet, we don't know. Dr. Atkinson hasn't been in yet to let us kknow what is going to take place today. But, last night Heaven gave the RN a little scare with 2 low BP readings,s o at 4 a.m. they had her up and walking to see if her body was just resting well was, once she walked around for a minute it came back up, but I am glad the RN took notice and took action to make sure before calling in back up. Anyways, we are waiting on the Dr......will update when we here something.
Update::: 13 days later.....We are going to the house...yay!!! Praise the Lord, Glory to God, Amen, etc. ect. not sure what time but they want to have us home before 4 p.m. since that is when her next antibiotic is due. She will be on the Cefipime every 8 hours for 3 days, the home nurse will take labs on Thurs. and that will determine if we need to come back for a transfusion of platelets (her platelets is 30 today but instead of topping her off today the Dr. is gonna wait) which is good, no need to waste them to early. Anyways please continue to pray for Emili and her family, I am going to take the decorations that we hung form the ceiling in Heavens room and give them to the PICU for her room...she needs something nice. Thank you all again and please continue to pray for Heaven and our family. Many blessings to you all and may Christ bless you with a wonderful day. ♥
Yay!!! Made it home safely and Heaven is already outside soaking up the sun. She certainly didn't waste any time getting changed and heading out. Right now she is sitting in my truck with her antibiotic attached and jsut having the time of her life. Thank you all for your prayers for Heaven and us, and I ask that you please continue.

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