Thursday, March 29, 2012

Good Day Today

‎3-29-12.....Heaven is feeling pretty good today. The Home Nurse came by and her oxy. & BP was at a good level and her lungs still sounded great. She has gained 1 whole pound since tuesday...Yay!!!...Cindy (the home nurse) drew her labs, is going to run them STAT and we are now waiting on the results as to see if she will need platelets tomorrow. I know her Platelet level is down becasue after a ...little bit she is easily tired. So., thank you all for your prayers, your surprise visits to the hospital (after we were out of PICU) and thank you all for your encouragement. Lord, I ask that you bless each individual as you would see fit, as they have all been a blessing in their own way to our family and Lord, thank you for all you have done. ♥
Update:::::Heaven's lab report came back and the results are.....

anc--- ? will find out later

God is so good.....♥ Tell me whats impossible with God.....

Update:::::Heaven's ANC is 1800...also she can stop taking the antibiotic and the Nurse at the Clinic said that Heavens labs will be drawn again on Monday and if her platelets are 75 and her ANC is above 2000, on Tuesday she will begin her last round of chemo. Praise the Lord!!! Glory!!!
Had a wonderful time while out tonight with Wayne, Samantha, heaven and myself. We went to Red Lobster for dinner and was so blessed after we arrived. Anyways, to make along story short...God is good and He takes care of His children and He blesses His children that praise Him and lives for Him. Thanks you Jesus for  awonderful night to where we could jsut put the mountain aside, and jsut have fun being a family and laughing and enjoying one anothers company. Thank you Lord for loving us the way you do. I'd also like to thankd the Manager and Staff at red Lobster for a wonderfully blessed evening. <3 to you all.

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