Thursday, March 15, 2012

3-15-12.....Ice packs again{{{UPDATES}}}'s almost 3:30 a.m. and they are applying ice packs again to keep the fever from rising so fast. Her temp is at 99.9 so they are going to try and catch it early. Thanks for all the prayers.
Its 4:15a.m. and Heavens temp is 101.5 so they will be giving her more tylenol soon.

Heaven temp is back up to 102.9.....and she is shivering.....She has 2 blankets a sheet and a quilt on her.
Heavens temp came down and now it rising has been one long day. She is now receiving platelets (due to her cycle) and her BP is still 79 over 39 low. She has practically slept all day and there is no way I am going to sleep with all this going on. We have a cool rag on her head to try and keep the temp at bay until we can actually pinpoint the cause. I do know that the chemo, after so long, will make this happen but her BP hadn't ever been this low for this long. Please continue to pray for her. If you call my cell phone and I don't answer...thats because it is dead and I am charging it. Our room # is 1145 and the phone # is 1-540-266-5728 if you'd like to call and check on Heaven.
O.K. the nurse drew culture earlier and the results are in.....they cam back Positive for Strep Veridans Bacteria, common in chemo patients. Theya re going to treat it with vancomycin (antibiotic) if she winds up sensitive to the vancomycin they will change the antibiotic. Also, she began vomiting again about 30 minutes ago and her temp is now 103.3.


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    1. I've been praying lady. I'm so glad the fever went down from what is was when I talked to you. How is Heaven? Try and get some rest if she's sleeping you need to rest to.