Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fevers still Spiking

3-17-12.....Through-out the night Heavens fevers kept spiking. The highest a few hours ago was 104 and right now she is at 103.4. She slept good through the night though. Radiology came in at 5:45 a.m. to take another chest scan to see if there have been any changes in the fluids in her lungs. I, myself, was able to get several hours of sleep last night, and I so feel a lot better. Dr. Fisher will... be here today and tomorrow (she is so so so smart) and she is also a sweetheart and loves the kids so much, but I think she is on so that Dr. Edwards adn Atkinson can possibly go to the funeral of the 17 y.o. that passed away a couple days ago, not sure but thats what I think.
The Dr,'s form sucha bond with these kids and they become so close that they are almost like family. Please continue to keep the other family in your prayers for they are suffereing form a huge loss right now. I was told that the young man was saved and knew Christ as his Saviour,s o he is in good hands right now.
Also, thanks for your prayers for Heaven but please be careful of how you pray...Thanks everyone ♥ to all.

 Update::::: Dr. Kayruze came and took me in to talk to me about Heaven. After he had time to look at the chest x-rays he said that her condition (fluid in her lungs) had worsened overnight and that if they can't get it under control that she will have to be put on a ventalator...he doesn't want to go there so he and Dr. Fisher are talking as I type trying to make the best decision for her. The one thing that is concerning Dr. K is that they can't figure out where the temp spikes are coming from. They are also discussing the possible removal of the port. Thank you all so much for your prayers and to God be all the glory for it is He that has brought us this far. ♥ to all.
Right now at 6 p.m. heaven is now getting an Echocardiogram jsut so they cen make sure that there isn't a problem in there.....not sure if they are going to order another chest scan due to her being introduced to so much radiation. Lord be with her little body please. She has been ordered by Dr. Kayrouz (pronounced Cruz) not to take the oxygen off for any reason at all and he explained to her why. Not sure where the line will be drawn of a possible feeding tube, but she is an active girl and that's what Dr. Fisher is looking at. She said that if Heaven were a tiny little girl with no form to her body that she would have already had a tube in. Heaven is in great hands of her Lord and these gracious Dr.'s up here. Lord I thank you for each Dr and Nurse here.

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