Thursday, March 22, 2012

Might be moving out of PICU

3-22-12.....Dr. Kayrouz jsut came in to chat with Heaven and told her that she just might get to move out onto the Peds Floor today, Lord willing. I have been told that the Peds floor is full and so we may have to wait till tomorrow. But things are looking better. Praise the Lord!!!!! God is so good!!!
Right now Heaven is getting a blood transfushion, she will be getting 2 today, because her Hemo. and Hema. are really low. She is resting/sleeping due to the Benadryl. She did get a little of a nurtient shake in her before she fell asleep. Thank you Lord for keeping your hand upon Heaven.

The Nurses here are jsut so sweet, 2 of the Peds Floor RN's have came in here, the PICU, to check and see how Heaven is doing. I love it that there are still people that put and think of others before themselves. Lord thank you for such a wondrful staff of Dr.s and Nurses.
 O.K.....Brittany (Heaven's PICU RN) came to let us know that Dr. Edwards called and stated that as soon as he gets home that he will type up transfer order for us to be taken to the Peds Floor (on the other side of the door) to room 1145(Lord willing)...yay, our fav. room. So we may be heading that way soon, but it could be tomorrow to beings there are several kids in the ED that will be needing rooms to.. Also, Dr. Kayrouz came in and I asked him how much longer did he think we would be here, he automatically said that was a question for Dr. Edwards, but he did say that Heaven has 2 more days on the Cefipime (antibiotic) and how wver long it takes her to come off the low oxygen, so possibly 3 to 6 more days. And if all goes well..... we can go to the house. YAY!!!!! Thank you Lord for blessing our family and surrounding us with so many wonderful people. Thank You all for your continued encouragement and prayers. ♥
As of 7:10 p.m. we are still in the PICU, and thats o.k. because Heavens nose started bleeding about 20 minutes ago and it jsut slowed to a stop. Heaven still isn't eating to much or in my opinion "bird amounts" but I understand that she is tired and even the more tired formt he meds she has to take and then tired form the nose bleeds, etc. We will eventually get moved to the Peds floor either later tonight or tomorrow. ♥

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