Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rainy Sunday

‎3-25-12.....Heaven is feeling much better today, though she hasn't eaten anything as of yet (2:09 p.m) so, we may be able to go home sometime tomorrow or tuesday because Dr. Atkinson will be here tomorrow and it will be up to her as to when we can go home. I do know that the only thing right now keeping us here is her potassium level and her appetite, so yes, I have made Heaven so mad at me becau...e I keep talking about how she needs to eat. Right now she weighs between 103 and 105 lbs. Wayne left this morning so he could go to church, I sure miss my church family, but we will be back in full swing in a few more months. I have figured out that there is a toddler here and she has a brain tumor, she looks to be a couple years old, so I am asking that you all please pray for her and her family for I know that this is going to be hard on all of them. Lord, I ask that you keep your loving hand upon ehr and her family, send comfort to them, send grace. Thank you all for all your prayers for us and the others here.
Went to the store earlier while Heaven's cousin Nick was at the hospital visiting with her and his Mom Veronca was with me, and I picked up a big super cute pastel castapillar for Emili and a card for Erma (Emili's Mom). When we got back to the hospital a waited a bit before I took it to her, and when I did I thought she was going to cry...tore at my heart strings really hard. Her Momma had left again for a couple more days due to her (mom) not feeling good at all. Heaven has eaten 1 1/2 tacos that were brought to her by her cousin. I am thinking she may get a blood and platelet transfushion tomorrow, I'm not for sure though, but I will be asking Dr. Atkinson in the morning. Please pray for a ood night for Heaven and Emili. Lord be with all the children here.....

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