Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nose Bleeds, Fevers, Upset Tummy

3-18-12.....Heaven has had a somewhat rough start this morning. She woke before 6:30 a.m. with a nose bleed that lasted almost 15 minutes, we are sure it is due to a low platelet count and possibly the oxygen. Right now she needs to keep every drop of blood that she can. Then she had to use the potty so bad that she made it but not in time, so she had to be cleaned up from that...bless her heart. ...She still has the fever spikes but the last temp reading was 98.1...of course this is after Tylenol. Also, she is having a very hard time trying to get the meds (pill form) swallowed. I know you all are or will be heading to church today...please keep Heaven and our family in your prayers and that Christ will continue to give us strength to climb this mountain. Hugs and Love to you all.
 Dr. Kayrouz jsut came in and informed us that the echocardiogram came back clean. Yay!!! Praise the Lord!!! Also she is going to be getting some platelets which will help with the nose bleeds and Dr. K said she will be needing more blood which he said he is very nervous from at this point as to what happened on Thursday. Lord willing all will go well this time.
O.K. Heaven has fallen alseep and while I was at the Nursing Station...Heavens new friend Emili had to be brought to the PICU. Her condition has worsened so I ask all my friends and family to please pray for these kids...they should not have to fight a battle like this. We can put a man in a suit that will keep him from exploding in space and send him to the moon, but our children have to suffer with so much. I pray that there will be a cure found for Childhood Leukemias', I pray that it will be found very Jesus precious Name. ♥ you all.
O.k. Right now Heaven is receiving a unit of platelets to help with the nose bleeds. Afterwards, she will get Ambison which is an anti-fungal med. They are giving these two seperate in case there is a reaction to either. I also found out that back here in the PICU there are 5 oncology patients and there is only 8 rooms. These kids need our prayers.
Below are her counts that are available as of 11:20 a.m.

Platelets 10
wbc 0.2

Heaven was jsut put back on the forced air oxygen due to the fact that Dr. Kayrouz and Dr. Fisher seen that she was having to work hard again to breath. This will be left in until further notice. Also, Heaven was able to eat half a banana,,,yay!!!
Here is what Heaven's room looks like. Can you see Heaven? She is in the pic I promise and she isn't covered up or hiding. She was actually sleeping when I took this pic. She is hooked up to 2 poles and everything on the poles is hooked to something.

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