Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Still having fevers and can't rest.

3-20-12.....Good-Morning to all. Heaven didn't sleep well again last night and at 5:30 a.m this morning she was getting a fever, when checked it was 101.9 so she took her tylenol to help. Her body heats up so fast. The nurse put the fan back on her to help cool her off a little. Lord willing, Wayne will be bringing my sewing machine up this evening so I can make some pillows for the kids, they only have 4 or 5 left, if that many. Again, thanks for all your prayers and encouraging words....God is good and He is the one that gives the grace we need, He is the one that calms the storms in our loves, He is the Great Physician, He is my Saviour. ♥ you all.
Heaven is now getting ready to receive the Ambisone (anti-fungal). Also, Dr. Edwards came in and he says that he isn't sure when heaven can come off the oxygen (says he stopped trying to predict years and years ago) LoL. Heavens oxygen will be lowered day by  day until she is weaned off. She started out at 50 and so far she is down to 15. Her temp was 99.9 and the rising of the temp was caught early cause she had to take tylenol for the Ambisone. <3 to all.
Update on Heaven:::::Where they were weaning her off of the oxygen, about and hour and a half ago, she was having to work to hard to breath and come to find out...a small area of one of her lungs collapsed. She is o.k. and they have raised the oxygen intake to accomidate and every 2 to 4 hours she has to have on a full face mask (covers nose and mouth) to help increase the flow to the lungs. Thank you all so much for your prayers for it could have been worse btu I know that my Creator and Saviour are hearing the prayers of my friends. Thank you Lord for watching over Heaven for me. Thank you. ♥
Heavens temp is now 102.6 and here comes the Tylenol. They will be doing a breathing treatment that will help open her lungs back up in an hour or so.

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