Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Latest Update

Update on Heaven Nicole.....First off we would like to thank our Saviour Jesus Christ for answering our prayers and for being the loving Saviour that He is. All the glory and praise goes to Him.
Yesterday the decision to proceed with transplant was made as the Dr.s had come up with a plan that they feel will best suit her and is also an answer to prayers as it didn't involve radiation. Heaven will start conditioning chemo on Thursday March 21st and her 2 cord blood transplant will take place on April 1st. What we need everyone of our family and friends to pray for now is for the RSV to disappear, the chemo to do its job, her organs not to be affected by the chemo, some grafts vs. host but mainly grafts vs. leukemia (being the GvL will kill any remaining leukemia cells), and we also need a successful engraftment. So, remember that God is listening to those fervent prayers that you all are praying and we ask that you keep them coming. Many thanks and love to you all.
Thank you all for the calls and keep them coming, the cards, the visits from allowed visitors, the prayers, thoughts and everything else. Many blessings to each of you <3

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Whew!!!....what a day it has been. Heaven Nicole has had more test today than she has had since we have been here. She is so tired and still has 2 Ribavarin treatments to go and its already 5:57 p.m. and we haven't even gotten the CT can done yet. This morning she has had her eyes dialated and checked, an EKG, then a breathing test that she couldn't complete right now, Now she is trying to get down and stomach some liquid for the CT scan. Then in the morning I am to be in for surgery to place an Hickman like Heaven has so that she will get 6 days of my wbc's before the chemo and radiation starts. 
As of right now her Transplant is scheduled for March 25th. 
So right now we definitely need everyone to really begin to pray. The preliminary report showed that Heaven is in Remission...Praise the Lord!!!!! So now we have to pray her through this rough week of test after test and then into engraftment.
Wayne is on his way down now as he will soon have to lovely ladies to take care of...anyone else wanna help? lol. Love you all and many blessings as well. ♥

Monday, March 4, 2013

Update on Heaven.....

Update on Heaven Nicole.....She is still on the breathing treatments w/Ribovarin for the RSV and her lungs are looking much better. This week is going to be very tiring her as she will have to go through the pre-transplant testing of getting a echo-gram, lung testing, kidney testing and a ct scan so to make sure, again, that there is no other infections, bacteria etc. hanging out anywhere.
Also, Dr. Driscoll came and has asked me if I would be willing to have a central line placed as to donate my white blood cells to Heaven...do you think I had to think twice? Nah...so sometime this week that will be done also and this way heaven will be receiving my healthy wbc to help her immune system build up quicker beings she has been over 3 months without any white cells and no immune system. 
So, on the 18th, Heaven will begin radiation and conditioning chemo to get her ready for the transplant. This will go on for 4 days and then she will have a day of rest and then the transplant by the weekend.....

Now, with all this said, please continue to pray as things are looking much better with all the glory going to the Lord. ♥