Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oven canning went great...

Ad  gret time yesterday learing how to oven can dry goods...

Homegrown smile

This little smile lifted my spirits this morning after I picked it from the garden and then cut the top off. Shows me that Gods love for us does run deep.....even with the foods He allows to grow for us.
I sure hope this little smile lifts your spirits today also.

Dentist visit...

Took Heaven today to the dentist for her first cleaning since she was diagnosed with AML in Nov. 2011. She actuall got a very good report beings all the meds and stuff can affect a childs teeth and gums durig chemo. She also had to take a pill 1 hour before gettig her teeth cleaned and she was like...oh my goodness!!!look at the size of that thing (the med). LoL se did great and her hygenist was very pleased with how er teeth looked...thouh she still as a bunch of baby teeth left...all looks great.
Wayne will be going an visiting with his moma today...please pray the God will give her the grace she needs during this time in her life. Blessings to all

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mmmmm...Zuchinni Patties

I sure hope they taste as good as they look &smell. Yum

Homemsde trests for the dogs

Homemade doggie treats...the best ones to give to your pets. With the I used pastry flour, creamed corn, green beans &molasses. They love them...and me to. LoL note...I blended up the corn and gb then added that to the flour and then added the molasseswhile stirring. Very simple and no by-products mixed in. Yay for happy doggies.

Oven Canning today...

Doing some oven canning today of our dry goods like flour, beans, noodles, etc. Certainly hope t all turns out right. I will post pics later and give an update on how this all turns out.

Also Heaven is feeling a little better today after having  headache for 2 days and her eyes bothering her also, plus this morning she said her body felt numb, so even though her head and eyes feel better I am going to call the Onc. Dr. To let them know how she has been feeling and to see what they may suggest for us to do.
Also please pray for Waynes Momma as she will be taken to her grand-daughters house today for her to stay there for her final days, weeks or months...whatever Christ may allow. Continue to pray for her children that they may find grace in the valley.

Many blessings to all on this beautiful Monday morning.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Prayers Needed

Please pray for Waynes Momma...Christ knows all about it. Se needs your prayers of grace to be sent to heavens gates today.

Heaven has been doing great...the Celebration went great as well. Heaven is scheduled for pre-op on Sept. 6th...please pray that all goes well and that she will be able to get the port removed...Amen

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but my dogs knocked my laptop off the couch and busted the screen. I am using a small handheld to post so if there are any mis-spellings its due to not having an actual keyboard. Love to all.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Celebration was wonderful

Had a wonderful time yesterday at the celebration for Heaven. Lots of people came and we all had awonderful time. The Dr.s and Heavens sisters really appreciated their gifts from Heaven. So glad that the Lord showed up and made everything work out right. Thank you all that came and supported us and also for the gifts for the girls...that means alot to us.
I'd like to thank every one for all you have done and  for all the prayers.
We would also like to give a heartfelt thanks to.....
**National Guard Armory of Martinsville,Va
**Bojangles of Collinsville,Va
**Jerrys Pizza of Martinsville
**Henry Co. Sheriffs Dept.
**Martinsville City Police Dept.
**Walmart of Martinsville
**Pigs R Us of Martinsville
**Merita Bread Store of Martinsville

Thank you all for your support and in helping some of our friends arrive safely.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beautiful Sunday

Today i stayed home with Heaven bevause she had sore throat...which is better now. Then Wayne and Samantha came home with some wonderful news...Samantha asked Christ into her heart and got saved. Praise the Lord!!! I know now that God is still hearing my prayers. Thank you Jesus for opening the eyes of my daughter.
Ad for Heaven...she enjoyed her trip to the Mall of America. If she could have done it she would have brought everyone something back. We had a grest time...thank you Make A Wish and to all who donate to help make wishes come true.
Heavens labs were drawn this past Friday...we should have the results back by Monday. Her last lab work looked really good so please pray with us that these labs look just as good. Hope to see you all on Saturday the 18th at the Celebration for Heaven. Blessings to you all.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Carilion Camp Time

Just got home from having a great time with the hubby and kids at the Carilion Family Camp. We had fun Tye-Dying t-shirts, canoeing, wall climbing, watched an outdoor movie horse-back riding and of course eating. We had pizza, Carrabas and Chic-Fil-A. We had so much fun and done so many activities. I love spending time with them. We took bunches of pics ans was able to see several of the nurses that worked with Heaven at the hospital. Heaven was so happy to see several of the people that we had met in the hospital. It was such a blessing to see several of the kids that I had made a pillow for. It was so hot though.....but we were still able to have so much fun. Can't wait till next year.

We are back home now and we are relaxing in a cool house getting our things ready to go to church tomorrow. Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend as we have and may Christ bless you each and every one.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Beautiful Day

‎Today was a great day. and beautiful day...none like any other. Sun shining, birds singing, children laughing and having fun...great day. Once Wayne got home from work he rested a bit and then he got all cleaned up and we all went out to eat. We had a wonderful time...we only get to do this about once every 3 months, but we had fun. On the way to the restaurant the RN form the Healthcare Center that now draws Heavens labs called me with ehr results.....AMAZING!!! GOD is good ALL the time...Praises go to HIM.....


Now Heavens Oncology Dr. explained that the anc can fluxuate from day to day, but to me right now...the numbers are amazing, this truly proves the Christ is totally in control. Please keep the prayers coming for all of the family. Also, please remember Waynes Momma and Grandpa...they both really need special prayers. ♥ to all and many blessings. :-)