Friday, August 3, 2012

Beautiful Day

‎Today was a great day. and beautiful day...none like any other. Sun shining, birds singing, children laughing and having fun...great day. Once Wayne got home from work he rested a bit and then he got all cleaned up and we all went out to eat. We had a wonderful time...we only get to do this about once every 3 months, but we had fun. On the way to the restaurant the RN form the Healthcare Center that now draws Heavens labs called me with ehr results.....AMAZING!!! GOD is good ALL the time...Praises go to HIM.....


Now Heavens Oncology Dr. explained that the anc can fluxuate from day to day, but to me right now...the numbers are amazing, this truly proves the Christ is totally in control. Please keep the prayers coming for all of the family. Also, please remember Waynes Momma and Grandpa...they both really need special prayers. ♥ to all and many blessings. :-)

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