Monday, August 27, 2012

Oven Canning today...

Doing some oven canning today of our dry goods like flour, beans, noodles, etc. Certainly hope t all turns out right. I will post pics later and give an update on how this all turns out.

Also Heaven is feeling a little better today after having  headache for 2 days and her eyes bothering her also, plus this morning she said her body felt numb, so even though her head and eyes feel better I am going to call the Onc. Dr. To let them know how she has been feeling and to see what they may suggest for us to do.
Also please pray for Waynes Momma as she will be taken to her grand-daughters house today for her to stay there for her final days, weeks or months...whatever Christ may allow. Continue to pray for her children that they may find grace in the valley.

Many blessings to all on this beautiful Monday morning.

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