Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baby Steps being made

‎3-24-12.....Well, Heaven has nibbled on a banana and has sipped on a nutritional drink but she can't live on just that, but she is waiting on daddy to bring her some food for lunch. Also, her RN, no matter what she or Heaven done to help the situation, she (RN) couldn't get the ethanol lock out of the port line, so per Dr. Edwards decision, the RN was told to flush the line slowly and that the sm...all amount of EL wouldn't bother Heaven.....well, I did not like this decision but what more could be done. Anyways, the port line was flushed and Heaven said that she immediately felt like she had gotten a shot of morphine, so this had put off ehr having a shower for 2 hours and she isn't happy...well, some things we have to go through.

She was waking jsut a little last night but only 1 lap aroudn the nurses station but thats much better than none at all. Also, her fevers seem to have sub-sided for now and she has to stay on the Cefipime (antibiotic) until next Thursday. So, Lord thank you for the baby steps of progress and thank you for all the prayers that have been prayed and answered. ♥ you all.

 I jsut returned from a visit with Emili, and it jsut broke my heart...I so want to cry but I have no where I can go to do so. Just to see these kids fighting so hard.....It makes me wonder...if the person that holds the "Magic Bullet" (as oncology dr.s call it) even has kids or even cares. If anybody on here ever complains because something in your daily life doesn't go as you thinkit should go...jsut give me a call, I'll come pick you up and show you some kids that just wish they could get out of bed to use the potty. Lord, I ask that you reach your loving hand down tonight and lay it upon Emili, Lord, she needs you to touch her body ans show the Staff here how much you love and care for her, Lord I ask that you give her the strength to breath on her own, for her sugar to get at a normal level, for her to be able to talk clearly, to sit up in bed, to tell her Mom and Dad that she loves them, Lord heart is so heavily burdened right now for her and her health. Also, I ask my family and friends here to please lift her and her family up in prayer everytime you think of Heaven. Please, if you all could only see, but my Jesus knows.

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