Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Beautiful skies ove Axton, Va

Had  a nice day today. Heaven and I took off the trash, dropped off some flax seed at a friends house nearby, bought some chicken feed and sweet potatoes all while Samantha was working with our neighbor carding fiber.
Went and visited with the neighbor below us and called the neighbor behind us. Went to check to see if we have more green peppers in the garden and we do. Woohoo...will be pickin them soon.
I need to get my work room back in order so I can get back to crafting. Was able to spend some time with my Momma yesterday and I loved it...she is more dear to me than she will ever know.
Heaven will be checked at the dentist tomorrow for TMJ and if need be she will be fitted for a night guard. Her clenching and grinding of her teeth didn't start until she had to have morphine from the pain of the leukemia and mucasitis. I certainly hope it will help in the long run.
Well gotta go finish dinner for the family and may Christ be with you all.

Love in Christ           Jeremiah 33:3

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