Thursday, January 12, 2012

1-12-12....A very Sunny Day

The 1st pic is of Heaven with Sophie, a Standard Poodle, and she is a sweet Therapy Dog.
The 2nd pic is of my Sewing room away form least my hands are staying busy. lol.
The 3rd pic is of our view from room 1145.....lovely isn't it? :-)

1-12-12.....So far today Heaven and I have walked for 30 to 35 minutes round and round the nurses station. Today, I think, will be another taste test day for Heaven to try and find the nutrition drink or juice that she can tolerate. Heaven is in such good spirits it just about makes me wanna cry, she is jsut so happy and just laughing so much this morning already. Praise God...
Also, there is another little girl named Emily, I believe she is 9, she lives in New York with her Mom , Dad and 2 sisters. Emily is literally fighting for her life. She has Aplastic Anemia and she has been through the ringer. She needs a Bone Marrow Transplant but her numbers keep dropping lower and lower. Jesus knows all the details...she jsut needs you to lift her up to Christ and ring the prayer bells of heaven. If you could just please add this little girl to your prayer list, I know she and her family would be grateful. Thank you all for all your <3 and kindness.
There are so many sick children that it just breaks my heart. The devil certainly plays fast and loose with our children. But we know he can NOT go against God's word. He can NOT withstand our prayers. He can NOT take our children without a fight. I feel so sorry for the ones who don't know that. And then they blame God for their loss. I feel so bad for those people because they don't understand how faith in God, the Father, Jesus, our saviour, and the power of the Holy Spirit is so very real. We see miracles around us everyday in even the smallest things.
Please continue to pray for.....
 Heaven--- Acute Myeloid Leukemia--- 12 yrs old
Arianna --- Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia---- 9 yrs old
Levi----- Cancer from head to toe---4 yrs. old
Emily---- Aplastic Anemia--- 9 yrs. old
There are many others that I don't have names for but God knows them and knows that they are also fighting. Please say small prayer for each of these kids. They all would really appreciate it.
I goofed in yesterdays post. Heaven will be receiving the "equivilent" of around 50 chemo treatments next month. The dose of each on will be much higher than what she is receiving now. Sorry. ♥
Heaven is now getting ready to receive her 2nd chemo for today, afterwards she has 2 more left to do. She is doig so well. thank you all for your prayers. Also we walked again at about 12:30 p.m. or so and we walked for about 20 minutes...we will be walking again soon.

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