Sunday, January 22, 2012

1-22-12....May be cloudy but today is much brighter

‎1-22-12.....Heaven is a little better today...much more than yesterday morning. She will be receiving 2 units of blood here shortly. We gave her a small dose of morphine to tide her over just a bit until we could get some Lortab in her for pain. Now she says the pain is tolerable so this way she isn't so anxious. She can only eat cherry jello right now but that is way better than nothing. She hasn't had anymore nose bleeds so that is a huge blessing. Thank you Jesus!!! Thank you all for your continued prayers for Heaven and our family. ♥ to all and may you have a blessed day.
Heaven has taken well to the 2 pints of blood she received today...she had a fever earlier today so we have to start the clock back. We have to wait for her counts to come up and her fevers to stop.

Had another parent approach me in the hall to tell me thanks fo rmaking her 8 yr. old son a pillow. Bless his heart, he is 8 yrs. old and broke both of his femur bones in both legs and has been in a body cast for 3 months. His mother told me that he smiled so big when the nurse walked in the room and said that someone had made the pillow just for him. It's an amazing feeling doing things for others. 12 pillows have been made here since yesterday and all of them are already gone. What a blessing to be a blessing to others. Thank you Jesus for such a giving heart <3

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