Thursday, January 26, 2012

1-26-12....Still having fevers

‎1-26-12.....Heaven did great during the night, her temps stayed 99 and under but as soon as the day got started jsut a little a small fever of 100.3 came. Then a few hours later it was 101.1 and then within 15 minutes it went to 101.3. If it gets to 101.5 they will have to draw cultures again and make sure its not coming from any type of infection. She still gets tired real easy and is eating jsut a little, but no much. Her weight has dropped back to 103.6 and we really need these fevers to stop coming, but if you look back this is the same thing that happened in Dec. just this time we were able to go home for a couple days. Also, she is receiving a platelet transfusion right now beings her number dropped to 7, anytime the number drops under 10 they get a transfushion. Please continue to pray for her . Thank you all.
 Heavens temp was yet agin 101.4 at about 4:30 p.m so Dr. Edwards is going to put her on a different antibiotic called Meropenem so Lord willing this will help stop the fevers but we will see. Christ is the Great Physician and we will trust in him to lead Dr. Edwards, Atkinson & Fisher to make the right decisions for Heaven.

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