Friday, January 6, 2012

1-6-12.....Surgery Day.....added update

‎1-6-2012.....9:00 a.m. we are here in the pre-op room and Heaven is a little nervous, but she is going to be o.k. Dr. Atkinson & the boss Ms. Wendy will be doing the bone marrow and the LP and Dr. Wattsman will be doing the port placement. I say these names so that you can pray for the guidance of their hands and also pray that the leukemia Is in remission . Lord, our little girl is in Your hands...thank you for being here and guiding us through this . We love you all.
...we are still waiting and the Dr. Said she could be in surgery for 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Please continue to pray for all of us .

 Also, continue to keep my cousin Roger in your prayers, he is better and may get to go home in a day or so... He will need physical therapy.. So pray that he will have a full recovery.


UPDATE::::: Heaven was in surgery for 2 hours and I just got a call from Dr. Wattsman and she let me know that all went well, the picc-line was removed and she is now in recovery. We get to go home until Monday and then we will be back for the next phase of things. Thank you all for the prayers for Heaven and the Dr.s' and if we hear anything else I will update any new info here. We are waiting to go back and see her.


UPDATE:::::We arrived home a little over an hour ago, around 5:30, and Heaven is resting until her pizza rolls are ready,lol, She and I will be heading back to Roanoke on Monday, they will start the next phase of Chemo so we will be there around 2 weeks or so maybe less, maybe more...we will have to wait and see.
Thank you all for your prayers for today...they were answered and please continue to pray. <3 you all.

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