Saturday, January 14, 2012

1-14-12.....WoW!!! What a day this has been

First off, Heaven is doing great. Dr. Edwards actually told her this morning that if she continues to do so well that she may get to come home on Tuesday. Praise the Lord.

Also, I have met an extraordinary young lady today. So let me take you back a bit.....yesterday I watched Dr. Edwards go into one of the other rooms here at the hospital, no I am not stalking him just watching so I can see who I can make something for, anyways I made this young lady a pillow that was printed with purses on it out of some fabric that my friend Ruby form church had brought me. Well, when the night nurse gave it to her she immediately told her that she wanted to meet me. Whew! I didn't think it would be this hard.

The nurse and I finally got together for me to go and visit, I can't go in unless there is a nurse or Dr. is with me, anyways her name is Emily G. and she is 16 yrs. old. and has a twin brother, and she loves purses, now tell me that God doesn't know what He's doing even when it comes to something so simple, but, all I know is she has some form of dilipidating/deterating leukemia. We introduces ourselves and then she began to tell me her symptoms and how it all began. As we talked she told me that when she first got to Carillion Roanoke that she had to stay here for 5 full months, at this time I knew this conversation was going to be overwhelming. She told me how sick she was, how she had a stroke, and then how she can't walk.....this is when I realized how blessed we all are. If you could have only seen her eyes as she talked...anyways we talked for several more minutes because she had asked me how Heaven was and that she really wanted to meet her. Lord my heart breaks for her and her family. She has very good spirits about her and smiled a lot. When I excused myself back to our own room, all I could do was go into the bathroom and cry and thank God that Heaven can still walk, and move around and is still able to do the things that Emily can no longer do. All I could do was say a prayer for Emily G. and her family, that Christ would give them all he strength that they need to get through this. So, when your feeling like your having a bad day, you really need to think of all the little ones that can't do the simple things that we all take for granted.

As I sit here in the playroom typing up this for all of you to read, there is a little 3 yr. old boy here named Nathan, He has an aging disease and they have now found that he is type 1 diabetic. He has a very sweet smile and we made him a pillow with a farm scene on it. Each time he sees me he smiles. That's what it is all about...just to see them smile.

Also, there is another boy here named Oyis....not sure of his age but he looks to be around Heavens age. Anyways, he is from Haiti and was involved in the earthquake over there and the bone in the top of his leg was broken in several places. He is being adopted by a nice family here and even the soon to be Mom works here at the hospital. Anyways, he has several pins in his leg holding it together. He is a smart little boy that will have to face even more surgeries until all of this is corrected.

I am so amazed as to how the devil is attacking our children mentally, physically and emotionally. So please, I beg you, don't you dare stand back and let him have stand up and fight for your children, remember, God gave them to you to take care of, not to cast them off to this world.

O.k there is also other kids here that, just to see them breaks my heart. A little 3 to 4 yr. old with a trachea in his throat, another that was having seizures. So many that needs our precious prayers...the ones that will ring the prayer bells of heaven, the ones that will reach the Throne of God, the ones from our hearts. I ask you to please pray for these kids and the many others around this country that are in the same condition.
Thank you all for your time and your prayers for our daughter Heaven and our family. Love in Christ <3

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