Wednesday, January 18, 2012


1-18-12.....Heaven did good fever or nausea, though she did have a slight headache, she had a good day. Thank you all for your continual prayers. Also, It was such a blessing to hear from an old friend today who said he had gotten saved 5 years ago (thats the # of grace). He let me know htat his church has been praying for Heaven and that several of them are in the ministry called Sons of Thunder, they all own harley's, and they are going to make a trip up here to visit & pray with Heaven...what a blessing that will be. He said that if she is in the hospital that they are coming up there, what a sightit will be when up to 20 harleys come pulling up in our driveway or at the hospital. God is still good when the waves roll high, God is still good all through the night, when I've done all I can and I don't understand, God is still good...clouds of doubt may darken the way but showers of blessings will come anyday, we'll make it through and I'll stand God is still good. Amen

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