Monday, January 2, 2012

1-2-12.....Todays results are in

1-2-12.....Heaven had another good nights sleep last night. I have waited to post because we were waiting on the blood counts to come back form the Clinic. Well, the result are in.....
Hemo.---7.7 ---down by 5 tenths
Hema.---21.9---down by 5 tenths
And Praise the Lord for all of the above and also for this next number...Amen!!!!
Platelets---170---almost tripled in 4 days.....Glory to God!!!
We haven't gotten the results of the ANC back, but hte nurse said they will get them tomorrow and as soon as she hears the results, she will call and fill us in.
Glory to God in the highest!!! Thank you Jesus for all your many blessings that we have received from Your loving hand!!!
Please continue praying for Heaven and our Family for God is hearing your prayers and petitions.

Don't forget to check out the new pages at the top of the page. :) Blessing from Christ to you all.

I forgot to add to the first post today but, Heaven gained 3 pounds in 4 days!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!

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