Monday, January 9, 2012

1-9-12.....Heading back to Roanoke.....Many updates added

1-9-12.....Heaven and I are getting ready to leave for Roanoke for Heavens 2nd phase of chemo, we are puting the last of our thing sin the truck and we ask that you pray for our safety while traveling up there. Thank you all. I will update a little later today.

Praise God!!!! Glory to Christ!!!!!!We just got the news that Heaven is in REMISSION!!!!!!!!! Thanks you Jesus, Praise the Lord!!!! Nothing is to hard with God!!!!!! Because Jesus lives, there is hope.


 We are in room # 1145, the BIG one, and the phone number to the room is 1-540-266-5728 (please no prank calls) lol hehehe. ♥ you all and thank you so much for the continual prayers.

Heaven has gained 3 more pounds since this last Friday. YAH!!!!!! She is now 109.2 lbs.

 o.k.....The Dr.s are shooting tostart the chemo around 3:00 p.m. today. She was really scared this morning when they went to access the port...we really had to calm her down, but after she was calm she done so much better. I can't even imagine how she felt being so scared. My heart jsut sank into my stomach to hear her feeling this way. But all is better, the port was accessed, it is a double port, and all is well with my soul and hers. Love to all of you.

UPDATE::::: Heavens labs came back and I just want everyone to know that this family serves a mighty Saviour that loves us and wants to prove His powers to us.....daily. Thank you Lord.
RBC--- 3.01
This is where my Saviour showed His grace and power.....
ANC-----2000!!!!!!!!! Praise God, to God be all the Glory!!!! My heart crys out to you with a joyful cry, Lord. Thank you so much.

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