Friday, January 20, 2012

1-20-12---Not a good day

‎1-20-12.....Not a good day today...Heaven woke to a bleeding nose and then started vomiting, her temp rose to 100.5 so I called the Clinic and they saud to take her and get her labs drawn. So off to Franklin Memorial at around 9 a.m. Well, she is again neutropenic and her counts are low, I am now waiting for another temp to be taken and if it is above 101* we have to head to Roanoke. Please pray!!! Please.
Heavens temp has been at 101.1 for the last 15 minutes, I am on the phone right now with the Clinic and it is now confirmed that I have to take her to the PICU. Keep praying!!
Made it to Roanoke in record timing!! Thank God for a good drivers ed teacher. Anyways, We are here at Roanoke in the PICU, Heavens temp is 101.4...they have started antibiotics (Cephine) and they are going to try and get her over the the Peds floor tomorrow. As before we had a quick trip here with not many interferences. Thanks for all your prayers. Keep them coming.

They are going to start platelets as soon as they get them form downstairs to the room. We are in room 1141 in the PICU.
It's 2:43 a.m. and I am still awake...The night and morning has not been good at all....3 more nose bleeds one lasting more than 10 minutes (she got really scared with this one), abdominal pain, back pain, morphine...Lord please help her rest and stay calmer a little better. Thank you all for the prayers.

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