Friday, January 27, 2012

1-27-12.....Day 23 and things are looking a bit better

1-27-12.....Day 25 in Roanoke and i am as content as I can be to be right by the side of one of my children that needs me, this is where I am to be at this point and I am so thankful that Jesus has given me and Heaven some of His grace and His strength to be here for so long lengths at a time. Also, my Momma came to visit last night, it was good to see her and (cousin) Larry is so funny, it takes them 2 1/2 to 3 hours to get here and yet Larry sacrificed his time to bring Momma up to see Heaven, what a blessing and it was a a good time because I think Heaven actually felt her best last night. Heaven jsut smiled and laughed and jsut had a swell time with Momma and Larry. Thank you both for coming to visit and Larry I thank you for taking time out of your schedule to bring Momma to see us. May Christ richly bless the ministry that you are partaking of. Also, She had no fevers as I know of through the night so we will see how today goes. She did ask for  achicken pot pie so one of the other mothers took me to the grocery store so I could pick up a few things, and that was a blessing to me.
I was able to speak with 2 other Mothers of children with Leukemia and it was such a blessing to share our thoughts and ideas and just to talk with someone that knows exactly how your heart feels. So, if you all would like to add Jordan (she is 9) and Beth (she is 16) both of these girls are a blessing and they have been fighting Leukemia since they were very small, Jordan was a baby and I think Beth was 5, and these 2 brave young girls could really use your prayers.
My hands have been idle because I ran out of fatquarters/ fabric in general and I have ran out of the poly-fil fiber to stuff with so I have made any pillows and that really hurts because of the number of kids that are being brought in daily. I understand that I can't make one for each child, but I could come pretty close if I had the materials to work with, anyways God is still good, He may have seen that I needed a break.
Thank you all mainly for your prayers and we will continually thank you, thank you for the cards that have been sent and also the encouraging words and again we thank God for His continued strength and I pray that He give us a double dose of strength and grace for next month.
Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strenghten thine heart: wait I say on the Lord.
 Psalm 27:14

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