Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Clinic Visit

‎6-20-12.....Heaven, Samantha and I had a wonderful time last night. We went to the YMCA in Collinsville so Sam could play volleyball she was having so much fun hitting that ball, so Heaven and I went to the pool. She had a great time swimming around and meeting new friends. Afterwards we went to Sonic and bought 2 large milkshakes and a slush for Heaven. She is feeling good. But last night before... we got inot the pool area her nose tried to start bleeding but she caught it in time.
Now we are getting ready to head to Roanoke for her Clinic visit. We are going to leave a little early so we can get the drive done before it gets way to hot. I am gonna ask the Secretary for monrnign appointments from now on. Pray for safe travels for us and may Christ bless you all. Enjoy the day..... ♥

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  1. Hi Angela and Heaven. Prayers are being lifted up for healing. Heavens numbers are better, right? They are checking Emily for MDS. She had another bone marrow biopsy last thursday. They did 4 drills on her. It took way too long and her propodol was running out so she felt all those drills. Both of our girls are so fortunate having the parents they have. You are all wonderful people with a Awesome faith. And the girls are both wonderful examples of our Lord Jesus Christ. They will be blest with healing and they will go on to do many wonderful things in His name. That's what we pray.
    Love, hugs, and prayers, Jan