Sunday, June 17, 2012

Good day for some much needed work to be done

‎6-17-12.....Had a great day today, working around the house with the hubby doing alot of "clearing out brish" work. We now have the smaller garden cleared out and ready for more planting for a late crop (small one) and we cleared out some of the fence line and will be clearing out more fence line that will be removed and placed elsewhere. Anyways, during work time we were able to enjoy some home-...made ice cream and then later we had some friends come over and we enoyed their company and had burgers. Afterwards, we lit the fire in the pit and before we knew it the time had passed to 10:37...way past our neightbors bedtime, so they rushed home before Chuck turned into a gremlin. lol. Hope you all had a wonderful evening and I pray that you have a great Lords Day also. ♥ to my Saviour who gave us all a beautiful day today to enjoy.
Also, Heaven is feeling pretty good. Tonight she ate 2 burgers so her appetite is coming back. Also her hair is coming back so pretty and soft. Bless her heart Lord, thank you for keeping your hand upon her through all that she has been through. She has some energy but tomorrow I am going to have her to rest and take it easy, that way she can conserve some of the energy that she does have. She weighed herself the other day and she was at 110 pounds///Praise the Lord!!! I cant wait until she is back at about 125 pounds. One step at  a time. :) Goodnight all

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  1. My heart is warmed by answered prayers.
    Love to you and all your precious ones.