Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ooops...missed a day. ;)

This post is for 1-21-2014

Had a great day today as always I start it off by feeding my soul with Gods Word. Nothing like it!
Also today (1-21-14) marks 1 year that Heaven was admitted to Dukes Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Unit...better known as Cell Block 5200. We thanked God for bringing us through this journey and I couldn't ask for anything more than what He has already given us...which is a sevond chance.
So; with that said, today was a busy day. I decided to can up a bean mixture for chili. Yum!!! They smelled so good and looked good to. I canned them in some of the reproductive vintage jars and they look funny; but thats ok. Hubby said he preferred clear jars...oh well.
Anyway, let the dogs out to ryn a bit as snow was on the way, just wasn't sure when it would finally get here. So, canning was done around 2:30 snd then after cleaning up I started to make some homemade bread as I had an order for two loaves, I ended up making 4 instead. Oh it is the yummiest bread I have ever eaten.
The UPS man showed up with a delivery from a friend of ours from PA, yay!!! a box of yarn. It will keep me busy for a little while. LoL.
So we enjoyed our supper as a family while playing trouble and wstching the snow fall. Lovely; again; I could not ask for more.

Many blessing if Christ's abundance be for you and yours. Have a wonderful night.

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