Friday, December 9, 2011


12-9-11.....Heaven got up with abdominal (not as bad as last couple days) and side pains then started vomiting. The Nausea is from the Chemo, so that is normal, we are still trying to figure out the abdominal pains. Its been a long night beings her tekps kept spiking...anyone with Leukemia can't have a tepm over 100.5 without a Dr. knowing adn Heavens got up to the nurses and I kept vigil all night, when the Nurses weren't in here I was keeping track of the temps. Well early/later this morning, around 4 a.m., her temps were in a normal range beings she was given some Tylenol.
Right now she has been given her Kytril which is for nausea and she is taking it well but, her temps keep wanting to go up little by little. This is going to be the scary thing about it when we get hiome because we are so far from the Hospital. Please continue to pray for Heaven, she definately needs them all. I will keep you updated as the day goes on.


As of today....Heaven has been here at the carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital for 2 weeks....In that time alot has taken place, starting with her diagnosis of...
--- Acute Myeloid Leukemia which is the worse than the Chronic because it grows and spreads faster.
--- BP has been up and down due to the chemo...but has become more normal as time has went on,
---her temps are up and down....trying to keep them regulated
---She has had a Bone Marrow Biospy
--- 4 Blood transfushions (will get 5th one tomorrow)
--- a Bone Marrow Aspirate
--- 2 IV's (1 in each arm) thay have been removed
--- a Pic-Line (to replace IV's)
--- 27 Chemo Treatments (will be 28 at 3:45 pm today)(32 by Sun.)
--- a Echocardiogram
--- she has had her finger poked
--- a Lumbar Puncture (aka Spinal Tap)
--- 5 Oral Meds
--- been Sedated twice
--- had a X-Ray (for the pic-line)
--- 3 rough mornings in a row
Even through all this....Christ is here with us and is comforting us and giving us strength to continue on in His will. Please continue to pray for Heaven...this is just the beginning of a long road ahead, but with the Lords help....we will make it.
 Update:: Heavens temps has finally become stable....even enough to where we went downstairs and caught the end of a live performance of the NutCracker. She is doing much better.heaven and one of her Dr.'s
(Dr. Edwards) was playing the Wii to, so that showed whe is feeling a little better (she sat in a wheel chair). She also has the mouth ulcers showing up. Oh, and She received her second Project Linus blanket today...her first one she received about 5 or 6 years ago from getting her tonsils removed.
Anyways...I am thinking of having her to eat about 4 saltine crackers before she goes to sleep tonight to see if that helps with the morning nausea. Also she says tht her abdominal pains this morning wasn't as bad as yesterday or the day before, so maybe it is the chessy foods,,,I dont' know.
Again thank youall so muc, we covet every prayer we can get. I just pray to my Lord that a cure for Leukemia will soon be found.
Hugs to all our family and friends. XOXO

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