Tuesday, December 13, 2011


‎12-13-11.....Last night Heavens throat pain was so intense that she started crying, the nurse cam in and geve her 2 ml of Morphine. She slept almost all through the nigh. She awoke around 11:00 p.m. and her nose was bleeding. She did receive her 2nd Platelet transfusion yesterday. This morning her throat is still hurting bad but she says its a lil' bearable. They are lowering her does of Morphine... to 1/2 ml this way she will not be sleeping all the time.
Today we start a new regimine on eating...she will wash her mouth with a prescription mouthwash, then she will rinse with the "Magic Mouthwash" and then after a few minutes she will have to eat. Dr. Edwards told her this morning that if her appetite doesn't pick up that they will have to put in a feeding tube. This morning her temp spiked to 102.4 so she had to take more Tylenol.
Throughout today and tomorrow they are going to do a CT scan and a Chest X-ray to make sure there is no sinus infection or a infection in her lungs that they may be missing. Please continue to pray for our little girl that Christ will reach down and heal her, but in His timing. Also, pray for Dad because he had to go back to work and I know the seperation is taking a toll on him, and remember her siblings...that they will continue to be strong for her.
Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.


Update::: Heaven had a really bad nose bleed that lasted almost 25 minutes. This is a big concernt o the dr.s and they are trying to figure out what to do.
Earlier, right before the nose bleed, she was gettin gup to go to the bathroom and she then sneezed, she then started crying because it hurt her throat so bad and I tend to think that the pressure from the sneeze and her crying is what contributed to the bleeding.
She is back in the bed and resting quietly.


Just got back form having an Ultrasound, Ct scan and chest X-ray done. The reason for all this is to see if there is an infection somewhere that may be causing the fevers. Heaven is so tired but she will be leaving again to get a shower to help her feel better. Thanks again to all for all you have done.


The Nurse will be coming back in shortly because the will be inserting a feeding tube for Heaven.....Reason why? she can't eat due to her throat being extremely sore. Please pray that all goes well with this. It is breaking my heart right into to stand by and watch all that is going on with her....I just feel so helpless sometimes but, I will continue to lean on Christ.

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