Thursday, December 15, 2011


12-15-11.....Heaven had a good night last night and only had 1 temperature spike and that was 101.9. Allwas well until about 7:10 a.m. about 5 hours after the feed had been increased to 75 (which equals about 3 oz. an hr) but she can't tolerate it, she started vomiting it up, we will only go as high as 50 (about 2 oz an hr), she tolerated that the majority of the night.

Lord willing today will be a much better day than yesterday and we pray that yesterday was the peak of it all. Please continue to pray for Heaven and that we will get past this to be home in time for CHRISTmas. Also, continue to pray for her sisters that they will remain strong through this.

Thay have also checked the blood again and her platelets are holding steady at 20, whichis good. :)

 O.K. at 11:30 a.m. there was a temp of 101.6, so it is being treated with Tylenol. She is resting now and later we will be getting here a shower and Lord willing that will make her feel much better.

 Update::: heaven had a nice hot shower and well.......most of her hair came out so we had to cut the majority of it off. So for anyone that may be coming to visit....she only has a little hair left. I pray that this does not depress her so if you all could...please pray for her.
 I tell ya.....we have to be being tried as silver. I done one of the hardest things has basicly torn my heart apart because I know exactly how she feels.....

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