Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12-28-11.....Friends show up

‎12-28-11...Heaven had another good nights sleep, after her and Samantha finally went to sleep, sometime after midnight. lol. Kids...I love them so much. Sher has had lots of energy today but I have asked her to conserve as much as she can.
She was very excited when her friend Anna from church was able to come and spend the day with her and then was doubly excited when another friend dropped in for a while...she has had lots of fun hanging out with both of them today.
We will find out tomorrow what her blood counts are and I pray that they all have increased. Please continue to pray for Heaven and the family. Thanks again for all everyone has done. ♥ to all.
Heaven and Anna just went outside, not for long though, but long enough for Heaven to get some fresh air. That will do her a little bit of good. She will be getting her antibiotic at 4:00 and so far that is going good...I hope her counts are up enought o get her off those antibiotics. We ordered pizza for the girls and Daddy went to pick them up, while he was gone and Samantha was listening out for the girls, I went and helped my neighbor that is down with her back do some cleaning around her house. She appreciated it so much but was telling me that she should be helping me, but it is the older that should teach theh younger to be there when needed. The Bible says "For him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin" She needed me and Praise God I could be there for her. Now back to my cleaning duties....anyone know of any cleaning fairies that is ready to help? lol. :) Thats what grace is for.....strength in the time of need.

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