Friday, December 23, 2011

12-23-11.....Laying off of solid foods

‎12-23-11... This morning was rough for Heaven. Last night she tried eating a turkey burger but, this morning it came right back up so...we are gonna lay off the solid foods and focus on the nutrient rich drinks and smoothies. My heart goes out to her when she is feeling so bad...I just cry out inside.
She will be taking it easy today but please pray that she will start to see how she can' t let t...his get the best of her. She wants to fight against taking her meds adn vitamins and I try so hard to explain to her that she needs to take them to defeat this monster. I even showed her yesterday ehr blood count numbers, explained to her that she needs the nutrients to get those numbers up.....Lord I ask you give me the strength that I need to help Heaven to understand...please.
I am so tired.....I sure could use the merry-maids about right now.

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