Saturday, December 10, 2011


‎12-10-11.....This morning Heavens temp spiked back up to 101.9.....the nurse administered some Tylenol. Last night after midnight her temps went up to 102.7,,,not good at all. She had slight abdominal pains this morning. Her gums have started to bleed (due to low platelets), she did receive a Platelet Transfusion and we are waiting for the blood for the Blood Transfusion today.
We are ready to g...o home, for sure, but I'd rather be here in case something happens.....her last Chemo Treatment will be tomorrow Morning at 3:45 a.m. and Heaven will have to go 24 hours after that with no fever, so in case of fever, I'd rather be here in case it happens.
Also, she has been given what they call "Magic Mouthwash" cause her mouth is getting raw inside and it hurts really bad, and the mouthwash helps alot with the pain.
Please, everyone, continue to pray for Heaven.....prayers are being answered even though it doesn't sound like it. Heaven is still smiling and that is so awesome...even the Dr.'s are saying that they love the fact that she is smiling through it all. Praise the Lord!!! Glory to God!!! Will keep updates through-out the day.
Love to all from all of us.


 Heaven now weighs 111.4 lbs....yesterday she weighed more. bummer. I know its because everything taste like metal to her right now because of the Chemo, but Lord willing that will change soon.

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