Wednesday, December 14, 2011


‎12-14-11......Day 20......The morning started rough for Heaven. She had some bad nausea and dry heaves (due to the feeding tube) and then her nose started bleeding. Also, her stomach started hurting temporarily but she had to potty. Bless her heart. She has been given the medicine for nausea and it appears to be working quickly.
Please continue to keep her in her prayers.

 Heaven is now comfortable...she had 2 mg of morphine to help with the pain in her throat. At times I do feel so helpless even though I am right beside her...but it does reassure her when she looks into my eyes and knows jsut how much she is loved.
Alex, Samantha & Kayla...I love you so much to and I miss you all terribly. ♥
 I hear a baby crying in the room next door and it jsut makes my heart melt with compassion. Oh, I pray the family knows where they can gather strength from...if only they knew. I now know, jsut a little bit, of how Christ must feel in His own heart when He hears one of His own children crying out to Him. Overwhelming.

Update::: Heaven woke up and she isn't taking kindly to the feeding tube. She had what is to be the worst episode thus far. She was fine lying back in the bed, proped just a little, but then she sat up to go potty and was on. She was vomiting and it was hurting her so much and with the tube I can imagine how she felt. She is a trooper a real trooper.

Another Update:::: The Chest X-ray, the CT Scan, and the Ultrasound came back clear as to say no infections found....also the blood work came back to say no infections found.

Forgot to add....she was given her Kytril for the nausea and she is now resting good.
Heaven jsut had another spell about 30 or so minutes started when she threw the blankets off and was montioning that she was hot, she then proceeded to heave again with bile and mucus coming up. She was scrared and crying alot and I was trying to calm her the best I could. Why is sometimes when we want to do for our children...we can't? She was given another dose of morphine which calmed her down, the feeding tube, of course, if irritating her throat more when she heaves. The Dr. is going to give her a PPI which in englis terms is "acid reflux" medication to see if that helps with all of the mucus and all forming and going ot her stomach. My heart crys out for her when I know she is in so much pain. Lord help me to keep standing.

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